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Don’t underestimate these bastards

Exercise, Train, Prepare, Patrol.


I have resumed the routine aggregation of all the border security related news at

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Thank God I Was Wrong

With regard to the pessimistic post below, Thank God I was wrong.

Maybe we can finally have some real “Hope and Change”

Time to get back to work.

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For all the border security related news aggregated in one spot please feel free to visit


What if……………

The system is rigged

The system IS rigged.

What if its rigged way worse than you thought?

I know I’m not the first person to interject this thought or propose this theory but with everyone caught up in wikileaks and FBI and DOJ and Trump mania I think we need to explore the fact that we are ALL being played.  Fooled in a grander scheme than most can imagine.  Subject to propaganda heretofore unheard of.

It is documented the verifiable that election fraud is routinely committed.

It is documented and verifiable that the majority of the media is in the tank for Hillary

It is documented and verifiable that the Hillary campaign used Bernie too make us think there was actual competition in the democrat primary.  There wasn’t and Bernie was well compensated.

It is documented and verifiable that Trump is not a conservative and was once close friends with the Clintons.

What if Trump is Hillary’s “Bernie” in the presidential election.  There to make us all feel there is a genuine presidential race so her coronation appears more legit. There to distract us from the BIG fix even while he is telling us that the fix is in.

Whether he wins or loses Trump comes out smelling like a rose.

Such is the “Art of the Deal”…….

I pray to God I’m wrong.


Semper Vigilants,



SBI just recovered cameras placed in the field at the end of July and found both drug smuggling activity, human trafficking evidence, and activist groups leaving water and supplies on the trails.  Note, no hunters, hikers, or Border Patrol were seen at any time on our cameras.  This wilderness area seems to be completely occupied by smuggling cartels.

No fence or patrol road exists south of this area.


While my news site was originally designed to collect all the border/immigration news in one spot, there is not going to be a border if Hillary wins. So I feel compelled to collect all the news regarding this evil bitch and her minions in one spot.  From now until the election will be focused on exposing the left and aggregating all the links in one spot.  Send your lazy liberal friends.

Interesting that when I quit posting links to the news site my hit more than quadrupled! WTF?


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The Aggravation Of Aggregation

Every day for over two years I would sift through hundreds of emails. Then I would google “breaking border news”, “breaking cartel news”, “breaking immigration news” and “breaking human trafficking news” in search of links to post at Then I would hit each of the sites below in search of border/immigration related news.  In doing so I have become well informed of the state of the nation and the world. It was extremely time consuming as well as eye opening.

It would be much easier and more tranquil to be in denial like the majority of Americans are. And many of those blissfully ignorant Americans will soon go to the polls. They will cast their uninformed votes long with dead people, illegal aliens and new legal immigrants. Many will vote early and often. The fix is in.

The news  ain’t pretty folks and it’s fixin’ to get worse. Like the alcoholic and the addict, whose primary symptom is also denial, Americans will have to “hit bottom” before they have the proverbial “moment of clarity.”  Please feel free to use the links below to help you stay informed and prepared.

I reserve the right to resume updating the news site in the future.

Thank you for your support.

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My news site is in a state of transition. With very few readers interested in a aggregate news site focused on border and immigration and with limited time on my hands I am suspending updates to that site for now. I need more time for ops, training and other security related activities.  To the handful of people who visited that site I must say how much I appreciate you. In the near future another site may be up with all the links I used to scour the news so you can do it yourself if you wish.  For now keyboard operations are on hold so that actual ops can continue in earnest.

Semper Vigilans,