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In Case You Missed It….

I guess sometimes I miss aggregating daily the border news as I did for a couple of years when the old C1 Border News site was up.  There is so much info out there that the average person fails to take the time to digest.  I know I’m preaching to the choir but here’s some of the border news in case you missed it. -C1

Terrorist-Led Mexican Cartel Tortures Citizen Journalist


Fentanyl/Methamphetamine Smuggler Intercepted by CBP Officers at Port of San Luis


CBP Arrested 2,245 Mexicans Along Northern Border in ’18

Yikes: ICE Union Sent a Scathing Letter to President Trump. Here’s Their Gripe.


Study Shows Migrants Use Almost TWICE The Welfare Benefits As Native-Born Americans


Illegal immigrant stabs California woman to death after ‘sanctuary’ laws protected suspect from ICE 9 times


Ban on Welfare-Dependent Immigration to U.S. Expected This Year


Central American Masses Undeterred Near Lukeville


Smuggler uses girls as distraction to help 10 people illegally cross US-Mexico border, officials say


Nearly 300 family units and unaccompanied children arrested in a matter of hours in the Rio Grande Valley




Podcast: David Frum Makes The Case For Restricting Immigration


H.R.1 — the ‘For the Democrats’ Act


Amid This Immigration Crisis, Border Patrol Deserves a Break


US Mailing System Key to Future Fentanyl Trafficking Prevention


The Other Admissions Scandal



Trump Lectures Turncoat Republican Senators Before National Emergency Border Vote

Can It Be Made Any Clearer?

Thanks to 36 for sending me this pic. -C1

DOCUMENTED: When Congressional Democrats First Approved Illegal Aliens’ “Right” To Neutralize American Citizens’ Votes

Kobach: If You Wanted to Pass a Law to Encourage Voter Fraud

Border Emergency? What Border Emergency?

HHS asks Pentagon for space to hold 5,000 illegal immigrant children

More Than 2,000 People in Migrant Detention Centers Quarantined Over Mumps, Other Diseases




Oath Keepers Call To Action

URGENT! Volunteers Needed on Border in Texas!
Will You Step Up and Help?

Oath Keepers and patriots, we need you on the border in Eagle Pass, TX to help support and back-up Customs and Border Patrol. And if you can’t make it, please donate to support those who can put boots on the ground.  

Oath Keeper is boots on the ground in Eagle Pass, TX, running an on-going border security operation, supporting Customs and Border Patrol Agents with additional eyes and ears. We are patrolling dirt roads and highways right along the Rio Grand, serving as a visible deterrent to Cartel drug runners and human traffickers, as well as spotting and reporting to CBP Agents in the area. We have already called-in sightings that directly lead to the apprehension of illegal aliens by CBP. All of the agents we have spoken with appreciate the extra eyes and ears.

* NOTE:  We are not working officially with CBP, but only as volunteers who observe and report suspected illegal entry into the U.S. just like any good citizen near the border should do (aka “see something, say something”).   We do believe our presence also serves as a deterrent, especially to cartel drug mules and human traffickers, who are trying to avoid detection.

It is CRITICAL that we step up now to show President Trump, and the nation, that we support his declaration of emergency on the border, which is now undeniable to anyone with a lick of sense. We also need to do whatever we can to support and assist Customs and Border Patrol. They are being overwhelmed by a flood of illegal aliens. One of the common tactics of the cartels is to flood CBP agents with illegals claiming asylum, and while the agents are processing them, the cartels can more easily bring across whatever, or whoever, they want, including drugs, sex-slaves, MS-13 and other violent criminals, as well as terrorists.

As I write this, we are preparing to go out on another night of patrolling along the border. We need your help and support.


If you want to volunteer, please email us at And please start rolling our way (see below for rally point). If you can’t put your boots on the ground, then please donate to support those who can, and who are on the ground right now, helping protect this nation’s border.  We need support to pay for their fuel and food. We have volunteers from out of state who will need fuel reimbursed.


To read the rest of the article, including a location map, please go to our website here:

Our national facebook page is here:

Campo, CA Fence Update

Below is an email with pics from another Campo CA local who has long been impacted by the steady invasion from the south.  Looks like some long overdue progress is being made.  Thank you President Trump.  But much more needs to be done. Don’t stop now!

Thank you “Horsepuckies” for the update and for your service to our country.

Semper Vigilans,


I heard the Guard was stringing concertina wire at the border so yesterday 03/03 19 I took a ride to see for myself.
 The wire is going up and will help where it is put on top of the old landing matt fence but areas like the tank trap and where there was only barbed wire are still wide open with just a single roll of concertina being laid on the ground in some areas and nothing added in other areas like both sides of the hill 241 where the landing matt fence ends. People and drugs can still just walk around and down to highway 94.
 As I said it will help and it will serve to funnel people coming through but it leaves a lot to be desired.
End of Forest gate Rd. They stopped here but said the will be stringing wire east to the canyon.
End of Forest gate looking toward Patriot Point
Couch Trail
Below Couch Trail
200 yard area below the donut hole note single strand of concertina laying on the ground. A ten year old with a long stick could get thru here.
End of fence east side of 241
End of fence west side 241
West side of the 241 looking toward cap rock

House votes in favor of illegal immigrant voting

Trump’s border emergency becomes more real by the day as migrants stack up along the Rio Grande

ICE Is Detaining 50,000 People, an All-Time High

Border / Cartel Chronicles

Human Smuggling Attempt in Semi-Tractor Trailer Thwarted at BP Checkpoint

Ignored by US Media: Illegal Aliens Attack US Border Agent at Eagle Pass

Road Trip, Recon and Remembrance

Yesterday was March 6th.  The first March 6th in nearly 25 years that this native Texan has been back in his home state.  And so, like a Muj to Mecca, I made my pilgrimage to the holiest of holies: 


The news of the present day March 6th was just as alarming:

Three Times the Illegal Immigration of 2017 Levels at Current Rate

New, awful data shows that the border invasion is worse than ever

200 Cases of Mumps Confirmed in Texas Migrant Detention Centers

More Than 700 Taken Into Custody by El Paso Border Patrol Agents Overnight; Two Previously Removed Sex Offenders Also Nabbed During Influx

CBP Officers at South Texas Ports of Entry Post Significant Increases in Hard Narcotics Seized in FY 2018

I could add link after link.  But after fleeing the Democratic Peoples Republic of California in September of 2018 I have been little more than a keyboard warrior and really not even much of that.  So, after paying my respects at the Alamo, I headed for the border.

I made my way down the the Rio Grande in Eagle Pass 

There I was greeted by some of America’s Finest

They told me just about anywhere along the river there was as good as any for observing and reporting the invasion.  I found evidence of this everywhere along the bank.

I found many promising areas to sit and perhaps set cameras.  Then I pushed on up to Del Rio.

I followed this fence line many yards from the river

Until I crossed another line of sorts

Dismissing brief second thoughts I pushed on to a neighborhood with properties which back right up to the river.

Some of the homes were very nice

And some not so nice

This road went on several miles until it veers away from the river.  I turned around there and went back past the point where I came in and poked around on trails leading down to the Rio Grande where there are no homes.  There was not near the amount of human detritus as I had found in Eagle Pass, at least not in the very small area of Del Rio I had patrolled.  However, as I was leaving, I passed a Border Patrol vehicle with no agent in it and then a BP K9 unit passed me and Omaha flew in.  Maybe I flushed out some illegals.

Or maybe I just tripped a sensor and they were lookin for me……..

And maybe they should because

I’ll be back


Semper Vigilans,




Press Release
“Human Wall” Volunteers Rally
on the Texas Border
in Support of President Trump


March 1, 2019

Press Contact:


Volunteers form ‘Human Wall’ Protest at Texas Border to Support Trump’s Emergency Declaration

Ongoing volunteer border security operation launches at 12pm, Saturday, March 2, 2019, in Eagle Pass, TX.  

Public Support Rally and Press Conference to be Held at 2pm, Sunday, March 3, 2019 in Shelby Park (public park right on Rio Grand) in Eagle Pass, TX.

As reported by, Oath Keepers, Bikers for Trump, and Latinos for Trump have organized a “human wall” volunteer border security operation and public rally on the border in Texas this weekend in support of President Trump’s Emergency Declaration, and in support of an upcoming Texas legislative border security bill being proposed by Texas State Representative Kyle Biedermann.

The volunteer security operation will start at noon on Saturday, March 2, which is Texas Independence Day.  Oath Keepers, an organization of military, police, first responders and dedicated patriot citizens, is taking lead in organizing the border security vigil which will place volunteers along highways parallel to the Rio Grand to serve as volunteer eyes and ears to spot and report suspected illegal entry into the U.S., reporting directly to CBP and Texas DPS.  While the operation begins on March 2, it will be an ongoing operation that will continue in indefinitely. There will also be a rally this  weekend on the border in California. See details here.

The public rally and press conference is planned for 2pm-5pm on Sunday, March 3, 2019 in Shelby Park, in Eagle Pass, TX.

TX Rep. Biedermann is the keynote speaker for the press conference and rally.

Other speakers will be:

Stewart Rhodes, Founder of Oath Keepers

Chris Cox, Founder of Bikers for Trump

George Rodriguez, Latinos for Trump

Lauren Morris, ACT for America

Alfredo “Freddy” Arellano (18 year old Maverick County GOP Chair)

Dr. Alma Arredondo-Lynch (border rancher and dentist)

Orlando Sanchez

Bret Bousman, Dimmit County GOP Chair

We support strong border security, support President Trump’s Declaration of a National Emergency on the border, we encourage Texas Governor Abbot to likewise declare an emergency in Texas to support the President, and we support TX Rep. Biedermann’s Texas border security bill.

We consider March 2 a fitting day to launch this operation in defense of Texas as it is Texas Independence Day, and we will duly honor the memory of the defenders of the Alamo, both Anglos and Tejanos – Texas patriots all –  who fought together until the Alamo fell on March 6, 1836. In honor of their memory, we also support Rep. Biedermann’s monument protection bill.  Learn more about this issue here.

We will be livestreaming from both events, Saturday at noon and Sunday at 2 PM central. The video will be streamed to:
“We are witness to the meritorious acts of those who, when faced with a reversal in fortune, during the late contest, chose to offer their lives to the ferocity of the enemy.”-Juan Seguín, March 25, 1837

Oath Keepers is a national non-profit association of current serving and retired military, police, fire-fighters and other first-responders, as well as dedicated citizens who join as associate members, dedicated to the preservation of the U.S. Constitution and to assisting our communities and nation in time of need, including disaster relief (such as during the aftermath of hurricane Harvey in Texas and Hurricane Maria in Puerto Rico in 2017).  


Documents of Early Texas

The Socialists are taking the invitation seriously.

WAKE UP TEXAS!  You’re already being Californicated.

Speaking of California…. Thanks to President Trump some progress is being made in our old area of operations near Campo.  The old landing mat fence has been enhanced.

Thanks to FN9 for sending me the Oathkeepers info and to 36 for the fencing picture above.  Both FN9 and 36 are long time independent border operators with a substantial history of observing, reporting and deterring many invaders of our porous southern frontier.

Semper Vigilans,


P.S. I’ll be back……

Tener Cuidado!

Thanks to Horsepuckies for passing this along.


Semper Vigilans,


More Documentation Of the EMERGENCY On The Border

The link below is a short video from filmmaker Chris Burgard who has long been active in documenting smuggling activity at the border.  Using his own footage and that from the Secure Border Intel effort he has shown a pattern of out of control traffic aimed at shaming Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi. 

The footage shows two groups encountered by Chris Burgard’s team recorded at night with a thermal image camera.  These groups are rarely documented because they use cover and concealment often travelling at night.  The next featured footage shows Pinal County Sheriff Deputy Louie Puroll tracking drug smugglers on an active trail a few miles south of Interstate 8 in Phoenix, AZ.  On the same trail our cameras captured suspected drug smugglers and armed men either protecting the drug loads or trying to steal them.  Deputy Puroll was given honors by his department for his bravery under fire when he was ambushed and shot by suspected cartel members on the same trail a few months later.  He was not afforded the same consideration by many in the politically left media when they tried their best to obfuscate the incident by suggesting that the deputy had staged the shooting.

The remaining footage shows the current state of border security on the Chilton ranch where untold numbers of people and narcotics continue to enter the country undetected.  All of these areas share one common theme.  They have nothing more than a barb wire fence and no patrol road at the border with Mexico.

Thanks to all who contributed to this video and to Secure Border Intel for giving me permission to repost.
Semper Vigilans,

Arizona Rancher Jim Chilton Meets President Trump

25 Straight Minutes Of Illegal Aliens Crossing Into The US

Rancher Jim Chilton compiled 25 minutes of nonstop footage of smuggling activity from hidden cameras at his ranch in Arivaca, AZ.  Of particular interest is footage of what is believed to be a mix of Mexican Law Enforcement and drug cartel members who take a break in front of a camera placed 100′ north of the border.