I saw the article below and just had to go see for myself.  This is an area of the border I have travelled to frequently so the photo especially piqued my interest.

Before I arrived at the area where I leave the paved road and drive into the river area at Eagle Pass I was surprised and pleased to see our state had begun raising its own border barrier,


Then as I arrived in the open area across from Piedras Negras I did indeed find the National Guard vehicles lined up on the bank of the Rio Grande, though not in the numbers that were pictured in the Breitbart photo.  

I was also  angered and dismayed when I found that the Guard vehicles were all empty!

However, when I rolled past the last vehicle pictured above I was greeted by multiple Guardsmen on foot and in very nondescript unmarked vehicles.  They are everywhere and locked and loaded.  I have patrolled that area many times and never seen such force.

Then I rolled on to Del Rio to try to get a glimpse first hand of the fabled bridge where the illegals had massed a few weeks ago.

This barrier has been up in Del Rio for years and when I got to an open gate that led to the bridge I found it guarded by National Guard.  I pulled up to the gate and asked if I could go to the bridge and take photos.  Request denied.

Then one of those nondescript unmarked vehicles appeared out of nowhere and pulled up behind me.  I was informed that without Law Enforcement or Press Credentials I would have to leave and one of the Guardsmen, with a locked and loaded M4 walked beside my truck as I slowly turned around and headed out of the gate past the unmarked Guardsman vehicle that had backed up just enough to let me out but who was in position to pursue me if I tried anything stupid.

There are enough stupid things being tried these days.

Lets Go Brandon!


Biden Admin Detaining Migrants Outdoors Under Texas Border Bridge Again in Winter Weather

2 responses

  1. Jawbone Tekno

    Great SitRep

    November 4, 2021 at 19:34

    • C1

      Thanks Jawbone. I wish you and the old Campo crew could join me on the line down there.

      November 7, 2021 at 19:04

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