This past weekend, 28-29AUG2021 marked 16 years since my very first border excursion.  Interesting that the very first trip to the border coincided with Hurricane Katrina making landfall in New Orleans.

To mark this anniversary I was operating briefly in the Del Rio and Eagle Pass, Texas area.  I was alone and set up close to the Rio Grande Saturday night south of Del Rio and only had to wait a short time after nightfall to surprise a large group of illegals making their way up to my position. I lit them up and 8 or 10 of them scattered off the trail into the bushes heading roughly north with 3 turning back south.  I notified Border Patrol and received no response.  God only knows how busy they are. Meanwhile, just like 16 years ago, yet another giant hurricane made landfall in New Orleans.

But both of those hurricanes together cannot match the huge shitstorm the Biden Administration is causing in this country.  The Border Patrol is stretched thinner than ever while the border is wide open. Hundreds of thousands of unvetted and possibly infected invaders are flooding the country.  Inflation is at a 30 year high and yet the traitorous Marxist Democrats continue to print trillions of dollars while attempting to further stifle the economy with “green new deal” programs and regulations. The energy independence we achieved during the last presidency is long gone and now Biden begs the Saudis to give us more oil.

And what more can possibly be said about the complete clusterfuck Afghanistan has become?  Abandoning Americans and allies while arming our enemies? And getting Marines killed in the process!  This treasonous and illegitimate administration along with all its accomplices will apparently stop at nothing to destroy the United States of America and embolden all its enemies.

If you begin watching the video below at about the 2:33 mark you will see the most heinous and hideous insult of them all as the weak sauce, soup sandwich, pseudo president checks his watch while the bodies of our beloved Marines are brought home. Yes, Joe you are only eight months into your term.  Dare I say you still have plenty of time to fuck things up even worse.

Been saying this for 16 years now:  

Not sure what it’s going to take for you to-


Semper Vigilans,


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