Don’t know where to start….. I would say Happy Easter but I’m not really feeling too happy about it.

Or, as in the past, I would pay tribute to the Texans who fought so valiantly at San Jacinto on this day, the 21st of April, winning freedom from Mexico for Texas back in 1836.

That freedom is steadily being lost. For Texas and indeed for the entire United States of America. Or what’s left of it…

I am so tired of Mueller and the “deep state” and all the serious corruption news that proliferates the airwaves. It is but a diversion. Is it serious? YES! But even if they brought all THE REAL GUILTY PARTIES to justice today, and I seriously doubt they ever will, I fear it matters not.  Because all the while ten of thousands of illegal aliens are streaming into the country virtually unchecked. Nothing of any consequence is being done about it.  The Border Patrol is stretched to the max. The interior of the country is flooded already and the invasion continues unabated.  The health of the country is compromised with thousands of sick immigrants.  The integrity of our precious voting rights is undermined with millions of illegal aliens who have and will cast ballots. The criminal justice system is burdened with criminals from other countries who shouldn’t even be here and who’s first acts in America was to break the law.

If you piss in the soup long enough pretty soon it’s no longer soup……

I continue to get emails from the good people I have met in my nearly fifteen years of volunteering on the border. Here’s a couple I received just last week from two different Patriots who live on or near our porous southern frontier:

“Just talked to the Border Patrol. They are picking twenty plus a day on
the ranch. Looks like old times. They are picking up my fence and
pushing the people through under it. They are too short handed to have
people patrolling the G road.”

“Might start building my ‘Border Bootie’collection again.
Shortly before dark last night I took my dog out back after dinner to let him do his thing when I heard someone talking in Spanish. Went back into the house and tucked the Glock visibly showing in my waistband and went back out to see. Sure enough as I climbed the knoll to the RR tracks I see an individual with a small pack wearing booties over his shoes talking on his phone and looking lost. Immediately I make a call to BP providing the details as the individual sees me and asks for help getting to Los Angeles. I tell him BP is on the way to help. He wasn’t too happy with that saying they will just arrest him again then send him back to Mexico please tell them that I turned around and went back to Mexico. At that time I made a pretend phone call saying I was the one on the tracks and gave a hand wave. Said yes sir and hung up. Turning to the illegal I said it would do no good to leave since we were being watched and pointed out a BP camera installation on the hill behind us. About then I pointed out a BP truck and quad entering my driveway, he sat dejectedly and took off the booties and packed away his phone, looking up he asked why I called and didn’t just let him go thru. Told him there were several reasons, I didn’t know who he was , why he was on my property and for all I knew his pack was full of drugs instead of food and water. Still not happy I escorted him to the house where agents had just pulled up to and gladly turned him over. Agents said they were working 2 groups either side of me and this guy must have gotten separated from them. Just before midnight my driveway alarm started going off and so did my dog. Going out I saw BP flashlights and trucks all over the area. Not sure what they were working but I went back to bed. We could sure use a decent fence/wall out here. I may just start hanging the booties along the driveway, it’s long, I have lots of room on it and it doesn’t look like this issue will be resolved anytime soon. 
Take care and be safe.”


Last Tuesday, 16APR19 on the border in New Mexico near Texas:

Armed U.S. militia in New Mexico catches 300 illegals

An armed militia was ‘detaining’ migrants at the border. The FBI arrested its leader.

The following day, 17APR19, I drove down to Eagle Pass, TX.  At high noon in broad daylight, in the middle of town, groups were forming and crossing despite high BP presence.  I watched one group form across from the boat ramp at the end of Main St.

Not believing that they would actually try to cross the river, which was up substantially from my last visit and moving swiftly and right in the middle of town, I quit watching them and decided to investigate this road:

No sooner than I rounded the bend I caught this guy struggling against the current pulling a rope which was tied in Mexico and if tied to the Texas side would provide an easier way to get a group across the raging Rio Grande.


I called it in as he turned around and swam back to the other side.  I regret that I wasn’t fast enough to snap his picture as he flipped me the finger from the other side.

To brave that current the man definitely had the potential to make the Mexican Olympic swim team.

An Agent responded and we chatted for just a second then he said he had to hurry to the boat ramp.  Seems the group I had watched forming had come across as soon as I left. As did many others.


Driving back I listened to conservative talk show hosts go on and on about how now the parties who were really guilty of Russian collusion will be prosecuted and how the corrupt officials in the FBI and DOJ will be indicted and brought to justice.  But even if that proved to be true, and again I doubt that it will, what difference will it make if the country has been “fundamentally changed” from within? If but a small fraction of those who shouldn’t be in this country cast a ballot in the next election will any of it matter?  The highest priority should be to not only stop the invasion but expel the millions of illegals who are already here. The bright side, if there is one, is that if Democrats ever control the Presidency and both houses of Congress again the economy will tank and people may stop streaming here for the millions of jobs Trump has created.

Either way spells DOOM.

When will you WAKE UP AMERICA???

Semper Vigilans,




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