The Latest From Secure Border Intel

This is happening all along the border, all day and night………WAKE UP AMERICA!

Secure Border Intel After Action Report: Arivaca, Tucson, Arizona- 10APR19
Smuggling traffic patterns continue to change along the US/Mexico border in South Tucson.  Obvious narcotics trafficking has become harder to detect.  Border Patrol moved from a “Defense in Depth” strategy to a “Hold the Line” attempt that had an impossible likelihood of success given the lack of road access and security fencing.  Groups of illegal aliens are being equipped with effective camouflage and counter-tracking booties to elude and evade.  They are demonstrating counter-tracking techniques while moving through patrolled areas.  “Humanitarian Groups” are leaving large water caches right on cue along the busiest trails starting immediately at the border and leading north.  The amount of “got aways” detected further north hints at a high success rate for the smugglers.  Without a proper fence and patrol road this area will remain a wild west show.

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