Concertina wire stolen from border fence and used for home security in Tijuana! +MORE Border News

Thanks to Gadget Dan for the comment below and the link to the article about the stolen wire.  My thoughts are below the link. Thanks for checkin out the blog.-C1

Lol 😆That was a given.  I predicted that happening weeks ago!  As one military individual (installing the Concertina  wire) was quoted saying – “the real Engineers are on the South side of the Border”!  If the Government wanted the Concertina wire to be an effected barrier, they would have attached the wire on the North side of the Fence / Vehicle Barriers (below the top), not on the top – any moron could have figured that one  out, but then again, we are talking about Government / Politicians doing what’s best for our Country and People’s Security – little chance of that happening!  Build the Wall / Enforce the Law! Dan 🤨




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