Oath Keepers Call To Action

URGENT! Volunteers Needed on Border in Texas!
Will You Step Up and Help?

Oath Keepers and patriots, we need you on the border in Eagle Pass, TX to help support and back-up Customs and Border Patrol. And if you can’t make it, please donate to support those who can put boots on the ground.  

Oath Keeper is boots on the ground in Eagle Pass, TX, running an on-going border security operation, supporting Customs and Border Patrol Agents with additional eyes and ears. We are patrolling dirt roads and highways right along the Rio Grand, serving as a visible deterrent to Cartel drug runners and human traffickers, as well as spotting and reporting to CBP Agents in the area. We have already called-in sightings that directly lead to the apprehension of illegal aliens by CBP. All of the agents we have spoken with appreciate the extra eyes and ears.

* NOTE:  We are not working officially with CBP, but only as volunteers who observe and report suspected illegal entry into the U.S. just like any good citizen near the border should do (aka “see something, say something”).   We do believe our presence also serves as a deterrent, especially to cartel drug mules and human traffickers, who are trying to avoid detection.

It is CRITICAL that we step up now to show President Trump, and the nation, that we support his declaration of emergency on the border, which is now undeniable to anyone with a lick of sense. We also need to do whatever we can to support and assist Customs and Border Patrol. They are being overwhelmed by a flood of illegal aliens. One of the common tactics of the cartels is to flood CBP agents with illegals claiming asylum, and while the agents are processing them, the cartels can more easily bring across whatever, or whoever, they want, including drugs, sex-slaves, MS-13 and other violent criminals, as well as terrorists.

As I write this, we are preparing to go out on another night of patrolling along the border. We need your help and support.


If you want to volunteer, please email us at And please start rolling our way (see below for rally point). If you can’t put your boots on the ground, then please donate to support those who can, and who are on the ground right now, helping protect this nation’s border.  We need support to pay for their fuel and food. We have volunteers from out of state who will need fuel reimbursed.


To read the rest of the article, including a location map, please go to our website here:

Our national facebook page is here:

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