Campo, CA Fence Update

Below is an email with pics from another Campo CA local who has long been impacted by the steady invasion from the south.  Looks like some long overdue progress is being made.  Thank you President Trump.  But much more needs to be done. Don’t stop now!

Thank you “Horsepuckies” for the update and for your service to our country.

Semper Vigilans,


I heard the Guard was stringing concertina wire at the border so yesterday 03/03 19 I took a ride to see for myself.
 The wire is going up and will help where it is put on top of the old landing matt fence but areas like the tank trap and where there was only barbed wire are still wide open with just a single roll of concertina being laid on the ground in some areas and nothing added in other areas like both sides of the hill 241 where the landing matt fence ends. People and drugs can still just walk around and down to highway 94.
 As I said it will help and it will serve to funnel people coming through but it leaves a lot to be desired.
End of Forest gate Rd. They stopped here but said the will be stringing wire east to the canyon.
End of Forest gate looking toward Patriot Point
Couch Trail
Below Couch Trail
200 yard area below the donut hole note single strand of concertina laying on the ground. A ten year old with a long stick could get thru here.
End of fence east side of 241
End of fence west side 241
West side of the 241 looking toward cap rock

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  1. Dan Russell

    Putting razor wire on an old rust vehicle barrier is like putting lipstick 💄 on a pig! Without securing base (below ground level), smugglers will dig small holes under “vehicle barrier” and pass on through = “this way to the USA”! 🤨

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    March 9, 2019 at 09:40

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