Road Trip, Recon and Remembrance

Yesterday was March 6th.  The first March 6th in nearly 25 years that this native Texan has been back in his home state.  And so, like a Muj to Mecca, I made my pilgrimage to the holiest of holies: 


The news of the present day March 6th was just as alarming:

Three Times the Illegal Immigration of 2017 Levels at Current Rate

New, awful data shows that the border invasion is worse than ever

200 Cases of Mumps Confirmed in Texas Migrant Detention Centers

More Than 700 Taken Into Custody by El Paso Border Patrol Agents Overnight; Two Previously Removed Sex Offenders Also Nabbed During Influx

CBP Officers at South Texas Ports of Entry Post Significant Increases in Hard Narcotics Seized in FY 2018

I could add link after link.  But after fleeing the Democratic Peoples Republic of California in September of 2018 I have been little more than a keyboard warrior and really not even much of that.  So, after paying my respects at the Alamo, I headed for the border.

I made my way down the the Rio Grande in Eagle Pass 

There I was greeted by some of America’s Finest

They told me just about anywhere along the river there was as good as any for observing and reporting the invasion.  I found evidence of this everywhere along the bank.

I found many promising areas to sit and perhaps set cameras.  Then I pushed on up to Del Rio.

I followed this fence line many yards from the river

Until I crossed another line of sorts

Dismissing brief second thoughts I pushed on to a neighborhood with properties which back right up to the river.

Some of the homes were very nice

And some not so nice

This road went on several miles until it veers away from the river.  I turned around there and went back past the point where I came in and poked around on trails leading down to the Rio Grande where there are no homes.  There was not near the amount of human detritus as I had found in Eagle Pass, at least not in the very small area of Del Rio I had patrolled.  However, as I was leaving, I passed a Border Patrol vehicle with no agent in it and then a BP K9 unit passed me and Omaha flew in.  Maybe I flushed out some illegals.

Or maybe I just tripped a sensor and they were lookin for me……..

And maybe they should because

I’ll be back


Semper Vigilans,



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