Press Release
“Human Wall” Volunteers Rally
on the Texas Border
in Support of President Trump


March 1, 2019

Press Contact:


Volunteers form ‘Human Wall’ Protest at Texas Border to Support Trump’s Emergency Declaration

Ongoing volunteer border security operation launches at 12pm, Saturday, March 2, 2019, in Eagle Pass, TX.  

Public Support Rally and Press Conference to be Held at 2pm, Sunday, March 3, 2019 in Shelby Park (public park right on Rio Grand) in Eagle Pass, TX.

As reported by, Oath Keepers, Bikers for Trump, and Latinos for Trump have organized a “human wall” volunteer border security operation and public rally on the border in Texas this weekend in support of President Trump’s Emergency Declaration, and in support of an upcoming Texas legislative border security bill being proposed by Texas State Representative Kyle Biedermann.

The volunteer security operation will start at noon on Saturday, March 2, which is Texas Independence Day.  Oath Keepers, an organization of military, police, first responders and dedicated patriot citizens, is taking lead in organizing the border security vigil which will place volunteers along highways parallel to the Rio Grand to serve as volunteer eyes and ears to spot and report suspected illegal entry into the U.S., reporting directly to CBP and Texas DPS.  While the operation begins on March 2, it will be an ongoing operation that will continue in indefinitely. There will also be a rally this  weekend on the border in California. See details here.

The public rally and press conference is planned for 2pm-5pm on Sunday, March 3, 2019 in Shelby Park, in Eagle Pass, TX.

TX Rep. Biedermann is the keynote speaker for the press conference and rally.

Other speakers will be:

Stewart Rhodes, Founder of Oath Keepers

Chris Cox, Founder of Bikers for Trump

George Rodriguez, Latinos for Trump

Lauren Morris, ACT for America

Alfredo “Freddy” Arellano (18 year old Maverick County GOP Chair)

Dr. Alma Arredondo-Lynch (border rancher and dentist)

Orlando Sanchez

Bret Bousman, Dimmit County GOP Chair

We support strong border security, support President Trump’s Declaration of a National Emergency on the border, we encourage Texas Governor Abbot to likewise declare an emergency in Texas to support the President, and we support TX Rep. Biedermann’s Texas border security bill.

We consider March 2 a fitting day to launch this operation in defense of Texas as it is Texas Independence Day, and we will duly honor the memory of the defenders of the Alamo, both Anglos and Tejanos – Texas patriots all –  who fought together until the Alamo fell on March 6, 1836. In honor of their memory, we also support Rep. Biedermann’s monument protection bill.  Learn more about this issue here.

We will be livestreaming from both events, Saturday at noon and Sunday at 2 PM central. The video will be streamed to:
“We are witness to the meritorious acts of those who, when faced with a reversal in fortune, during the late contest, chose to offer their lives to the ferocity of the enemy.”-Juan Seguín, March 25, 1837

Oath Keepers is a national non-profit association of current serving and retired military, police, fire-fighters and other first-responders, as well as dedicated citizens who join as associate members, dedicated to the preservation of the U.S. Constitution and to assisting our communities and nation in time of need, including disaster relief (such as during the aftermath of hurricane Harvey in Texas and Hurricane Maria in Puerto Rico in 2017).  


Documents of Early Texas

The Socialists are taking the invitation seriously.

WAKE UP TEXAS!  You’re already being Californicated.

Speaking of California…. Thanks to President Trump some progress is being made in our old area of operations near Campo.  The old landing mat fence has been enhanced.

Thanks to FN9 for sending me the Oathkeepers info and to 36 for the fencing picture above.  Both FN9 and 36 are long time independent border operators with a substantial history of observing, reporting and deterring many invaders of our porous southern frontier.

Semper Vigilans,


P.S. I’ll be back……

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