More Documentation Of the EMERGENCY On The Border

The link below is a short video from filmmaker Chris Burgard who has long been active in documenting smuggling activity at the border.  Using his own footage and that from the Secure Border Intel effort he has shown a pattern of out of control traffic aimed at shaming Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi. 

The footage shows two groups encountered by Chris Burgard’s team recorded at night with a thermal image camera.  These groups are rarely documented because they use cover and concealment often travelling at night.  The next featured footage shows Pinal County Sheriff Deputy Louie Puroll tracking drug smugglers on an active trail a few miles south of Interstate 8 in Phoenix, AZ.  On the same trail our cameras captured suspected drug smugglers and armed men either protecting the drug loads or trying to steal them.  Deputy Puroll was given honors by his department for his bravery under fire when he was ambushed and shot by suspected cartel members on the same trail a few months later.  He was not afforded the same consideration by many in the politically left media when they tried their best to obfuscate the incident by suggesting that the deputy had staged the shooting.

The remaining footage shows the current state of border security on the Chilton ranch where untold numbers of people and narcotics continue to enter the country undetected.  All of these areas share one common theme.  They have nothing more than a barb wire fence and no patrol road at the border with Mexico.

Thanks to all who contributed to this video and to Secure Border Intel for giving me permission to repost.
Semper Vigilans,

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