The Passing of a Great American- Big Bob, Original California Minuteman, RIP

It is with great sadness that I must report that “Big Bob”, one of the original California Minutemen, has passed away.

Here is a paraphrased excerpt (names redacted)  from a note his wife sent to another long time border watcher and fellow Patriot:

“Bob died in the middle of the night.  He fought a long, painful battle with cancer, but he is no longer in pain.  He had been in hospice care at home since Monday evening, His family surrounded him here to say goodbye on his last evening.  He is at peace.”

And here is a story from another Original California Minuteman I received in an email.  Its sums up the kindness, helpfulness and dedication Big Bob showed in his tireless efforts to help secure our porous southern frontier:

“Big Bob really was a great guy.  I had nicknamed him “mother hen” because he was watching the East side of La Gloria Canyon, while us “three amigos” were at 141.  Bob had several “newbies” assigned to him that night, and one of them just “took off” on him into the canyon!  The guy was missing for many hours, and Bob had come over to tell us about him, as he didn’t want to announce it over the radio, in case you know who was probably monitoring our transmissions.  We could then call Bob as Mother Hen, and ask if his baby chick had returned yet.  When he finally did, Bob cussed him out and fired him, as his baby chick had wandered over the fence into Mexico and had wandered as far as the Felix Drug Hacienda before returning to Big Bob’s post…..”

While my first foray to the border was in August of 2005 on a hilltop in Tierra Del Sol, it wasn’t until April 2006 that I began “doing work” in the Campo area of operations.  When I arrived at the headquarters at the PCT I was greeted by Big Bob who took me on an extensive tour of the area.  He showed me all the spots, told me what those places were called and added a little history along with it before depositing me in “The Oaks’ for what would be my first of many days and nights of border watch.

I can’t help believing that my faithful dear departed Border K9 Hot Shot was wagging’ his tail up there to meet him.  Together they peacefully patrol the Pearly Gates.

You will be missed Big Bob.  Thank you for the help and inspiration you gave me.  Rest In Peace Good Buddy


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