Campo Border Update 4/5-7 2018

I don’t do updates like this much anymore.  Yes, I still make it down to the old AO pretty regularly. But it’s just that there’s really not much to report, that coupled with a bit of laziness I suppose.  But with the border in the news again on a daily if not hourly basis I fought through my sloth and hit the keyboard.

K9-3 and I got the the border by the souther start of the PCT around noon Thursday 4/5/18.  We decided to roll west and the first Agent we encountered informed us that there had just been at least two spotters on 241 immediately prior to our arrival.  We kept an eye out on the top of that storied hilltop as we rolled past familiar incursion points of old that had changed little since my first foray to the frontier back in 2005.

The place we call the “tank trap”. No wall.  Not even landing mat fence.  An easy walk across from Mexico.

And just west of that, right below the hill with border monument 241, only three strands of barbed wire stand between the currently not so United States of America and Mexico.

I rolled past the 241 and on west past numerous easy points of entry still in need of fortification.


That van is in Mexico and the location is obviously often used for easy invasion.

We rolled all the way to Tecate then turned around and headed back.  It was getting late in the day and starting to get cool.  The Bortac helicopter made a couple of passes, one directly over me while I was in Bell Valley.  I proceed east to an old POE.  A spot fondly referred to as “The Oaks” where I spent my night first night in Campo in 2006. (My first border watch was in Tierra Del Sol in 2005)

There in The Oaks, with night fast approaching and there air becoming cool and crisp I stopped to walk K9-3 and to put on some long underwear for night watch.  I also checked my email and read a nostalgic post from an old border watcher which was forwarded to me from yet another border watch veteran.  I replied that I was in the oaks, there had been spotters earlier on the 241 and that Bortac had been in the area.  I ended the email with “Wish you were here”.  Apparently they took it to heart for my words, though somewhat exaggerated, were forwarded to others and now I understand a group of these “Border Cowboys” will soon descend on the area en masse to reinforce another group of long time border watchers already scheduled to serve in the area.

K9-3 and I spent the rest of our uneventful night watch parked at the “couch trail” staring at the tank trap and beyond to the 241

The next morning, after a little shut eye at a generous and welcoming local’s place.  We put in at Red Shank, Tierra del Sol.  An Agent on duty welcomed us and said that in addition to regular incursions from the Mexican Village which sits between Red Shank to the west and Rattlesnake to the east, the agents were getting slammed in the Boundary Peak area.  I regret that we did not make it that far east on this trip.  We rolled west instead, past where Agent Rosas had been murdered and on through Smith and La Gloria canyons.  Agents indicated regular crossings lately around Shockey Truck Trail and also through the bottom of Smith.  We pressed on west.

We sat alone at the top of Patriot Point and glassed both east and west spotting no activity except for white tail deer in Mexico and snakes on the roads.

After enjoying the solitude and beautiful weather at the point we pressed on west.  As we rounded 241 and faced down the border road we surprised four would be illegal aliens waiting for a BP truck to pass so they could hop the fence.

Needless to say they were not happy when the Unomobile rounded the bend.  The old landing mat fence kept them completely obscured from the Agent in the truck who had know idea they were there until he rolled up to my vantage point and I showed him.  We need a better and more tactical barrier!!!

vert_angle_deg=-8.2 / horiz_angle_deg=-3.1

vert_angle_deg=-5.6 / horiz_angle_deg=-3.6

The four men turned back south, their illegal entry undoubtedly only postponed,  but we had fun messing’ with them.  The Agents are doing a helluva job but they are short handed.  Extra eyes and ears are needed on the border.  Increased awareness is needed by the general public as well.  I encourage anyone reading this block to show the pictures of the spotty and pourous souther frontier to as many others as possible.  I have found that the majority of Americans have absolutely no idea just how insecure the border is.  Show them the photos or better yet take them down in person. Maybe we’ll see y’all there.

Until then

Semper Vigilans,


We’ll be back…….

4 responses

  1. Dan Russell

    Great report Charlie! I was in Campo today for my usual lunch social hour, followed by litter removal along HWY.94 and Buckman Springs Rd. Had contact with Lid Dog and 36 in the afternoon. Both reported that news from the BP is that they are getting hammered near and West of Couch Trail. Lil Dog left this afternoon to head to Campo – will arrive by morning (Thursday) if not by late tonight? The Border Cowboys will officially be doing a Border Watch at Patriot Point starting Friday through Sunday, although some are arriving tomorrow (Thursday). My plan is to stay mobile- monitoring the roadways (HWY.94, Buckman Springs Rd. and other nearby roadways. Hope to see you over this weekend? Gadgetdan😎

    Sent from my iPhone


    April 11, 2018 at 22:06

  2. BEAST

    Are you sure it was only 3 strands of barbed wire fence by 241? I thought it was 4.Fool ya sometimes.

    April 12, 2018 at 10:28

  3. james collins

    Thanks for all you done really like to read your reports
    Jim Collins

    April 12, 2018 at 15:58

  4. Dan Russell

    > From: Dan Russell > Date: June 2, 2018 at 11:29:41 AM PDT > To: > Subject: Re: Border fence construction begins in San Diego County > > Yes, Jeff sent me the same UT article yesterday. My response was – I hope the new Fencing is a real Border Fence that will stop people on foot, not just another $expensive$ “vehicle barrier” that stops vehicles 🚙 🚗 but few on foot – as is the case with the Bollard style Fencing they installed (some years back) through La Gloria Canyon in the Campo area. They achieved what the Border Patrol likes in most of the Fence – see through Fence, 16-18 ft. tall, extends below grade, and difficult to cut/saw through, but, did not include the “icing” on top that would have prevented most people on foot from climbing over (razor wire), and or, a 3ft. metal “angled overhang” (which I favor), installed on top of Fence. I’ve been informed by BP that they do cross over the Bollard Fence in La Gloria Canyon. Why not cross over the Bollard Fence through La Gloria Canton(?), all that is necessary is a 20ft home made ladder to reach the top, then, slide down the North side (like firefighter’s ) to the USA! The bottom line – the more real secure Fencing we install along our unsecured Border, the less $money$ we have to use hiring and maintain (Border Agents) to round up illegal’s once they cross into Country. It called “an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure”! As usual, I rest my case.😊 > > Sent from my iPhone > >>

    June 2, 2018 at 12:03

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