Several trips ago I noted sadly that there was no flag flying at Patriot Point and that the tree planted at the end of Forrest Gate in memory of Agent Rosas had died.

I went back on the next trip and raised a new flag

New Patriot Point Flag

Then, a week or two later, I got news from Patriotic American and Veteran Border Operator “36” that he had planted a new tree.  This time a eucalyptus.

New Roasa Tree

Meanwhile the border is still porous and there are less and less agents to patrol.

Your extra eyes and ears are need on the southern frontier. Stop by and see for yourself. And don’t forget to empty a canteen on the new tree.  Thanks to 36 and to all the patrolling patriots past, present and future.

God Bless Y’all and God Bless America

Semper Vigilants,


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