The media is a little slow catching on…..

Saw this link to Fox News today on Drudge regarding Grupos Beta:

Mexican border agency seen as aiding illegal immigration

Gruopo Beta logo

Those of us who have worked the border for years are very familiar with this group.  Many times I have personally witnessed this bunch assisting groups cross the border illegally and have assisted in preventing many such illegal entries. I became fed up with them years ago and in response started my own group:


“VETE” pronounced Betay  in spanish means “Get Out Of Here!”

Grupos Vete is the Association Of Dedicated Independent ObserverS (acronym = ADIOS)

And was meant to be an umbrella organization of all individuals and groups who work this side of the line to deter, observe and report all illegal incursions across our porous southern frontier.

It has since morphed into the Association Of Dedicated Independent OperatorS

C1 Grupos Vete Operators

If you want a shirt let me know and I’ll figure something out.  In the past I have been able to personalize the logo with any individual’s name or call sign:

Grupos Vete BeastGrupos Vete Infidel


For all the border related headlines collected daily in one spot please visit and bookmark my news site at:

Semper Vigilans,



One response

  1. BEAST

    Grupos beta are helpful little critters aren’t they?I wonder what is Grupos cut in trafficking?,and who do they answer to the cartels? Or the Federales?

    July 26, 2016 at 21:33

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