Viking Heads to Valhalla

This just in from FN9:
To All,
I was informed this afternoon that Dave Shelton (Viking) passed away Friday evening, June 5, 2015.  I received a call from his landlord in Cottonwood, AZ that he had listed my name to be notified if something happened to him.  I had spoken with Viking on May 26.  At that time he told me he had just been released from the hospital again, this last time due to complications from a colonoscopy.  His health had been poor for awhile as we all knew.
Viking had spent a number of years doing  border watch with most of us, at one time or another, on the CA border around Campo.  While his physical abilities were limited, his dedication was not.  His heart, his will and his commitment to the cause pushed him further than his body allowed. His last ‘border activity’ was the AZ Highway 8 event 2 years ago June 15 weekend.  Many of you were there and also experienced the harsh conditions and 117 F temps.  It took a toll on Viking and he realized his border op days were over.  He spent the rest of his free time fishing in the AZ mountains and spoiling Isabella.  Viking adopted Isabella, a Chihuahua,about a year ago and she became his best friend and family. Because of his love for Isabella, he also joined a local online community for Chihuahua owners, the Chihuahua Club and made a few friends there.
Dave’s only biological family is a brother that he wasn’t close with and spoke with only a few times a year.  Apparently, they were polar opposites—politically, ideology, personalities, interests etc.  His brother was notified and has been making arrangements.  Viking is to be cremated with no church services.  However, his brother has agreed to allow his friends in nearby Clarkdale to hold a Memorial BBQ Picnic (Dave LOVED BBQs) at a nearby park in July.  The date has not been set yet but I am to be notified and will pass it on. After the BBQ, his ashes will be taken up the mountain and spread around his favorite fishing area.
Rest In Peace Viking Dave !

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