Secure Border Intel’s Latest Audio from the Texas Border

Border Audio –  McAllen, Texas –  04/15/15 – 22 groups, 102 bodies

4 Minutes of condensed audio covering the 24 hour period – 04/15/15 (click on link below)

Groups of:  14,2,2,6,Gunshots,4,1F3,10+,20,1F,5UAC,1F,5+,”10-46″ Raft,Bailout,Scout,5,8,8,2

(“10-46″=Drugs, Scout= cartel lookout, Bailout=absconders, F=Female, UAC= Unaccompanied Children))

–Audio clip is comprised of USBP radio traffic  broadcast “in-the-clear” (un-encrypted) from the busy McAllen Sector.
It is estimated that un-encrypted radio traffic comprises less than 30% of the total activity for any given time period.

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