Those of you who followed my posts over the years, along with the same who worked the border in the Campo area of California, are well aware of the story of this old 76 Chevy Suburban, affectionately known as Godzilla. I inherited it years ago and then finally sold it a few years back to another long time border operator who could not bear to see this historical old battle horse go to the scrap yard.  What you might not know, however, is that another long time border watcher and Original Minuteman bought one just like it only better (it runs, is newer and is licensed). He used it on the border for years. It was red then but now is primered and ready for camo.  I recently received  a phone call and email from this patriot indicating this fine 4X4 is now up for sale!  I sure wish I had the money cause I would buy it for sure.  Below is a photo of this vehicle at Patriot Point taking part in the 1st Annual Robert Rosas Off Road Run. And below the pic is the description of the storied ride.  Asking price is $2500.00 Contact me at to be put in touch with the owner. Let’s keep it on the border “doin work!”-C1

Son of Godzilla

Hi Charlie!          Hope everything is going well for you! Good to talk to you!

THE WAR WAGON is a 1989 GMC suburban with primer paint. ( for camo )

There is a large cargo basket is on top with access ladder bolted to frame trailer hitch.

On dash electric brake control.

Inside the upholstery is good,maybe on  a scale from 1 to 10 its a 6 or 7.  No stain or rips. I have removed the two seats behind the driver and front passenger seats. They are in the same good condition and easily snap back into place. In place of the seats I have a twin size clean mattress I used on overnight or multiple night missions.

There is a good spare tire,large lug wrench and smaller size shop jack.

There is single burner propane burner, one pot for cooking knife and fork and salt and pepper.

Milk carton with all sorts of extras as electric bulbs, fuses, WD40,etc

An an American flag with mounting brackets on the cargo basket on top of the wagon.

There is antenna to  enhance cell service.

There are switches to turn off back up and brake lights so you can go completely dark. (if you choose while on the border)

The engine is a 350 with one hundred thirty five thousand miles. Four speed automatic and four wheel drive.  Engine runs strong using about one quart oil at oil change. Transmission was rebuilt about two years ago runs good-no noises.

About 45% left on the tires.

$2500.00 OBO

Email C1 at to be put in touch with the owner

For all the border news in one spot please visit

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