SBI After Action Report 25AUG14

 While I was honored to be a participant on this mission this report was prepared  and submitted by the “Watch Adviser”. Thanks to him and all the members of the team.- C1

“We checked camera footage from the last two months in a busy drug smuggling area in Arivaca, AZ, a part of the border with no fencing for dozens of miles.  A group of at least 10 packers and one scout appeared to empty their makeshift burlap backpacks in front of our camera likely to load into a waiting vehicle just beyond visual range.  After some apparent confusion running back down the trail with the unpacked cellophane wrapped bales; they moved the load into position and were gone.”

“Recent heavy rains caused almost overnight plant growth that made gaining footage more difficult as well as covering any recent sign of activity. 

Arivaca 8-23-14
Burlap Pile 8-23-14
Water Bottle 8-22-14
Border Patrol has also moved a high end MSS (Mobile Surveillance System) into the area, according to the ranch owner, as a direct response to trail camera footage aired in recent news stories. 
Even with all of this, Border Patrol chased cartel scouts from nearby high points overnight indicating that traffic was still very busy.”

The goal of getting this large gap of border fenced has just begun.

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