SBI’s Border Audio – McAllen, Texas – Labor Day Weekend – 159 groups, 1,110 Bodies

21 Minutes of condensed audio covering the  72 hour period – 8/30/14  thru 9/1/14  (click on link below)

Groups of:  2,8,3,10,10,3,3,2,11,7+,11, “46” Drugs, 2,,4,1,1,40,8,4,”Bailout”,9,8,17,5,5,3,20,3,4,2,2,3,3,5,3,
3,2,15,30,1,8,4,8,4,8,1, 8,15,”Shots Fired”,16,7,24,4,”Bailout”6,5,”46″Drugs,9,12,12,10,3,2,2,2,15,12,20,8,10,
25,7,3,5,15,21,15,21,2,3,1,1,1, 4,4,1,5,3,8,6.6.1,2,2,2,”46″-Drugs,10,5,15,2,7,4,5,15,20,6,8,1,2,1,4,”46″ Drugs,
3,3,4,12,1,10,8,10+,8,16,7,1,2,5,3,14 20,3,1,6,5,1,3,4,4,12,”46″-Drugs,5,2,3,4,1,”46″-Drugs,10,10,2,10,10+,

Significant Events in Audio:

— There were MANY groups being worked during this 72 hour period where the size of the group and/or exact location could not be determined.

— Note: Audio clips are comprised of USBP radio traffic  broadcast “in-the-clear” (un-encrypted) from the busy McAllen Sector.
It is estimated that un-encrypted radio traffic comprises less than 30% of the total activity for any given time period.

72 hour map of USBP activity (where coordinates were given– McAllen, Texas – 08/30/14 thru 09/1/14  – 159 Groups, 1,110 bodies

SBI labor day map

SBI Logo

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