LISTEN TO THE INVASION!-SBI’s latest audio from McAllen Texas

Border Audio – McAllen, Texas – 08/03/14 – 76 groups – 770 Bodies

BP Boat Rio Grande

14 Minutes of condensed audio covering a 24 hour period from Secure Border Intel  (click on link below)

Groups of: 15,10,10,5,6,12,2,5,12,13,3,4,20+,5,9,7,20,5,20+,6,3,40,2,9,5,3,3,40,21,2,4,5,1,20,21,1,7,1,”Bailout”,35,2,5,1,1,3,2,10,
10,2,11,2,15,2,8,5,8,10,3,15,30,10,2,15,2,5,19,5,4,30,12,15+, 12-“Packers”,20,50,2-Armed,3

Significant Events in Audio:

— There were MANY groups being worked during this 24 hour period where the size of the group could not be determined.

— Note: Audio clips are comprised of USBP radio traffic  broadcast “in-the-clear” (un-encrypted) from the busy McAllen Sector.
It is estimated that un-encrypted radio traffic comprises less than 30% of the total activity for any given time.

— Note:  Most of the activity where GPS coordinates are indicated occurred in remote areas at considerable distances north of the border. Activity along
the border/ Rio Grande River is generally referenced using landmarks familiar to agents and pilots (levys, roads, pumps, cane fields) instead of using
GPS coordintates.  Most of the larger size groups were detected at the border/Rio Grande River…. having just crossed to the US side or staging on the Mexican  side to come across.

24 hour map of USBP activity – McAllen, Texas – 08/03/14 – 76 groups – 770 Bodies

SBI McAllen map 8:3:14

FYI :  BORDER PATROL “10-CODES”  (link) 

** Border Patrol Jargon **

• “46” = drugs.. usually marijuana
• “45” = Illegal Aliens
• “IAs” = Illegal Aliens
• “UDAs” = Illegal Aliens
• “UACs” = Unaccompanied Children
• “Bodies” = Illegal Aliens (unless they are really “10-7” (deceased )
• “10-7” = Out of Service – unavailable
• “10-15” = “in custody”
• “Packers”, “Mules” = drug smugglers
• “Bailout” = individuals who abscond from a traffic stop
• “Got Aways” – (literally)
• “TBS” = turned back south
• “POE” = Port of Entry
• “The Line” = the US/Mexico International Boundary
• “Omaha”, “Liberty”, Falcon” = Helicopters and Fixed Wing aircraft
• “Pushing” = tracking and literally “pushing” behind a group
• “USC” = U.S. Citizen
• “FTY” = Failure to Yield


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