Unable to afford the time or money to actually join the convoy and not being one to usually participate in such events, yet wanting to show my support, I travelled to Murrieta, CA on Friday 1AUG14 to at least attend the rally.  I normally prefer to keep a low profile and confine my work on the border nowadays to lying in wait on dusty trails known to be highways for drug smugglers and human traffickers.  However, as luck would have it I was in the area anyway so there was no reason not to make a showing.

I arrived early as is my habit and easily found the lead vehicle and many patriots setting up the stage.

Border Convoy Lead Vehicle

In addition to the convoy participants and supporters, of course Telemundo was on hand. I became concerned however when, five minutes before the rally was to begin the Murrieta Town Square park was all but empty:

Empty town square

Eventually participants began to arrive and show their support. Perhaps my hopes and expectations were too high but I estimate only a couple of hundred patriots were in attendance. Those that did make an appearance were patriotic and enthusiastic.  I am confidant the convoy will pick up participants and momentum as it rolls east and south.

While I was there I ran into a woman I had met years ago on the border near Campo, California who was there at that time to assist in the installation of a plaque commemorating the life and service of slain Border Patrol Agent Robert Rosas.

Longtime female border watcher

Re-visit that episode here:

Note the respect the American flag is given and compare that with the illegal alien supporters use of the flag later in this post:


crowd 1

crowd 2

Front row flag wavers

Democrat voters

Respect the law

Thanks for the crisis

Flag waving :speakers


And of course there was a handful of protesters supporting the illegal alien invasion….

illegal alien supporters

As I was leaving I had a word with the fellow in the middle. It was hard, but in my calmest voice I told him that the crowd might have a bit more respect for their right to counter protest if he wasn’t using the American flag as a crutch and didn’t let Old Glory touch the ground.  He replied, “I didn’t let it touch the ground!” as he lifted it up. I told him I snapped a photo of him disrespecting the flag and as I departed he was holding it properly and waving it though at that point it should’ve probably been retired properly.

Protester's flag

How symbolic is it that these supporters of law breaking invaders would use the flag as a crutch!! It reminds me of back in the day when we would battle for control of hill 241 on the border near Campo, California.  We installed a flag pole on top right on the border boundary and raised an American flag only to have it repeatedly desecrated and destroyed by the illegals coming across. Once while I was on top I even asked one of the would be  illegal crossers in the rocks on the other side why, instead of tearing down our flag, they didn’t proudly raise the standard of Mexico beside it?  He offered no explanation.  Again, how symbolic……

Flag on 241

I wish I could’ve joined the convoy and stayed to “do work” on the border in Texas.  Lord knows they need the help down there.

To the participants driving east right now I say God Speed, God Bless y’all and God Bless the United States of America.

Semper Vigilans,


Convoy lead rear window meesage


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