I just received an email containing the information in the paragraph below. I have no way of verifying it but Breitbart is just reporting that there has been a shooting along the border and a grenade has been found.  I have no idea if the two incidents are related. Both a link to this post and the Breitbart article have been placed on my border news site:  If anyone has anymore info please feel free to email me.  My contact info is in the “about” section in the upper right area of this blog.

Semper Vigilans,


A warehouse was just busted down there with crates labelled “tents and cots” full of AK’s, RPG’s and ammo. One neighbor in the area reported 15 to 20 men all dressed in black with rucksacks, carrying long guns moving in military formation about 3 feet apart on their property.  They reported this to the Border Patrol and left their house the following day on vacation and someone came in possibly with night vision (since they did not turn any lights) and shot their entire house up. Good thing they left when they did. Also reported to him, 6 Border Patrol agents have been ambushed stripped naked, weapons and vehicles stolen and left for dead out there. Bet you didn’t see it on the news! The land the militia is moving too had the two dogs throats slit that were on it and the man who owns the place can’t leave and stays up and guards it every night but is depleted. If he has to leave he does not even lock it so they don’t kick the doors in as they have done every time in the past. As many as 150 people are crossing his property daily. There is also a muslim training camp 20 miles across the border from that area other intel has reported.He told me if you had been down in Texas even two months ago you would recognize the place anymore with all the illegals coming in and being given EBT cards etc. The National Guard is supposedly being deployed but no one has seen them along the border yet. Some Texas Rangers (in unofficial capacity) are moving in but will mostly be with the Border Patrol.”

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