More buses of illegals headed for Oracle AZ- Rapid American Defender Responders Needed


Buses of Illegals headed for Oracle, AZ camp?! Local American Defenders are calling for volunteers and protesters for Tuesday, July 15. Please see the special addition to our protest list at the link below, and please spread the word fast to get American patriots immediately converging on Oracle, AZ, which may be the next Murrieta, CA!

We have two special protests at this new bus arrival location added to the master list for July 15-19 — try to be at both please!

Remember to carry cameras and send any important footage to ALIPAC! List of protests (see AZ section for details on Oracle)

“Oracle, AZ Special event where buses of illegals are headed (Need protesters on both Tuesday July 15 and Sat July 19!) Protest/Blockade outside of Oracle, Az. on Mt. Lemmon Rd., 4 mi. East of the town of Oracle. Time will be from 7am to 7pm. on Tues. , July 15th. Follow up protest on Sat. July 19th. in front of proposed shelter at Peppersauce Campground 7mi. East of Oracle, on Mt. Lemmon Rd.. Time will be from 8am to 1pm. ”

All ALIPAC supporters and illegal immigration opponents: it is time to saddle up!

Make plans to attend the protest nearest you on the master list.

If there is not a protest within a one hour drive of your location, lead a protest yourself on a nearby court square, overpass, intersection, state capital, or illegal alien detention and processing area!

To set up and lead a local protest, email your name, number, and the town, street address, date, and times of your event for addition to the master list of events for July 18-19, 2014!

The new updated event list is now at over 200 locations and growing!

More good things to come!


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One response

  1. jim collins

    You doing any thing? going any where? if you need a ride along some day give me a call Jim

    July 16, 2014 at 09:34

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