Summer Update 2014

Murrieta fly the flag

The day I started composing this entry there was a rally in protest of ICE flying in 140 illegal aliens to California. I can’t believe I said that last part…… Flying illegal aliens into California! As if California doesn’t have enough already
I know one thing, I’ve damn sure had enough!
More than enough. In fact, I may have bit off more than I could chew when I decided to start operating a website devoted solely to border news-
Little did I know the news and the nation would soon be deluged with illegal alien children and families flooding across the the border and inundating local, state and federal agencies. Who could’ve known this would happen?
Obama, that’s who. This whole invasion was calculated and contrived.

“No need for a computer to predict the future here……..Oh no, you knew! You saw all those waves……..You knew they were coming! And what did you do? Not a thing!”
– “The Camp Of The Saints” page 44, Jean Raspail

We are farther along than we thought……

Overwhelmed, I continue to try to compile all there border news I regularly view and collect it all in one spot for those of like mind. I can’t hardly keep up. During the days and weeks I have been composing this post other border organizations and websites have announced their closure. For instance, an excellent source of border news around the world, has ceased providing news.
And Camp Vigilance, an outpost on the California border and former home of the Minutemen Corps of California and field HQ for BPAUX has announced it will shut down in October due to lack of participation. These developments coupled with the hourly barrage of invasion news from our porous southern border are disheartening and demoralizing. I too have considered shutting down both this old blog, and my new border news site
How much easier and simpler my life would be if I discontinued my field operations as well. The amount of time and money I have spent “doing work” on border missions and at the C1 compound at the keyboard is staggering. I understand the people who shun the news, take no action and go about their daily lives in blissful ignorance.
But I cannot stop now. While bliss is somewhat appealing, ignorance certainly is not.
And speaking of ignorance, when the news of the invasion finally hit the mainstream media (those of us into border security had known about the invasion for weeks prior) our illustrious President was golfing in Palm Springs

Air Force 1

And simultaneously I was accompanying other longtime independent border operators on a mission to southern Arizona. Ranchers there are being overrun by cartel drug smugglers. While Obama was on the links we were planting cameras to document the constant criminal activities that threaten the ranchers, the locals and , indeed the entire country.

While trained Border Patrol Agents are forced by this administration to change diapers and make sandwiches the cartel takes advantage, flooding the nation with drugs. What barely makes the news too is the Ukranians, Chinese, Pakistanis and others with no great like for our nation who are slipping into the country al but unnoticed. How many ISIS members and sympathizers have already made it across? Sadly it seems only a terrorist act by one of those illegal invaders will be enough to WAKE UP AMERICA!


Just prior to the last Arizona mission we met up with some fellow Patriots and former border operators. These old friends have started a rifle company and invited us to come and put their products to the test.

Partizanrifleworks testing

I look forward to being one of the first to own a Paritzan AR and highly recommend their rifles.
While there I also zeroed in my new Mossberg 7.62 MVP

zero in

Would that I could take this 308 to the banks of the Rio Grande………

Immediately following the last Arizona mission I ventured to Tecate, California to help give members of the San Diego County Search and Rescue a tour of the border. A lot of these southern California residents had never even seen the border, the fence or lack thereof.
I pushed from Tecate east down the border road past familiar areas with little or no security infrastructure

East of Tecate-no fence

Then, past the 14 Horseshoe and on to Scots I waited on that hill above Bell Valley for the group to arrive

SDSAR tour 1

We pushed onward through Bell Valley and past the tunnel into Mexico


Past Patriot Point where the last remaining elements of the Mountain Minutemen were mounting a plaque dedicated to the men and women of the United Stated Border patrol.

Patriot Point

New Plaque

Onward through La Gloria and Smith Canyons to the spot where Agent Robert Rosas was murdered 5 years ago on July 23rd.

SDSAR tour 4 Rosas Cross

Past Red Shank and up Cherry Stem

SDSAR tour 5 Cherry stem

To the end of the line where the border roads ends in Jewel Valley
Sadly, the fence ends there too

SDSAR tour 6 Jewel valley fence


On Independence day I went to Murrieta, California to join with fellow Patriots to protest the arrival of busloads on illegal aliens. In addition to these proud and worried Americans were members of “La Raza” (The Race- also known to us as “The Klan with a tan”) and others sympathetic to the illegal invasion occurring on our southern border. It was quite a circus and the lines were clearly drawn

The lines are drawn
In the end the buses of illegals were diverted from Murrieta and , for now at least, the flight of illegal aliens from Texas to California have been suspended.

Wrapped in Gadsen


But the battle is far from over
And we are farther along than we thought
For all of those who thought it was over…

Partizan trigger finger

We’ll be back

Semper Vigilans,


3 responses

  1. Melissa Gardner

    sorry I missed seeing you at Murrietta I saw George and I asked about you So proud you are still after all these years doing this. You may not remember me but my son Patrick always asks about you Melissa. Keep up the good work

    July 11, 2014 at 06:07

  2. David E Shelton

    Hang in there C-1. Campo/Tecate still looks wide open in some areas. Be careful and watch out for the enemy..the ones in the White House. My health won’t allow me to join fellow border watchers anymore but I’m with you all in spirit. I may have some equipment available for sale like my titanium 10×12 plates and carrier and some other items that may interest you and beast. You can reach me through FN-9 V

    July 11, 2014 at 09:30

  3. Linda Kienle

    I was there yesterday. Awesome turn out. Surprising or no so, the little chickens La Raza were attempting to make a stand at the bottom of the first hill, like all 16 of them. Pathetic. BP and police were out driving probably making sure nothing got started but the pro-illegals group was less than a whimper. Pathetic. While there, we were handed, by the police a copy of the briefing from BP stating that no more planes were coming to CA.

    Keep up the good work that you do. I tried for years to make people up here in the High Desert aware of what was happening. I guest spoke all over the place, FOR WHAT????I quite talking after the last re-appointment of the traitor in the WH.

    This is a land mass, with a lot of living things, this is not a country. Isn’t a country defined by it’s borders and laws? Neither one of these do we have.


    July 11, 2014 at 11:40

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