Brief update and explanation

I have recently started a new border news and have tried to keep it up to date.  Generally every night for years when I got home I would go to dozens of websites and scour hundreds of emails looking for the latest news about our still porous and ever more dangerous open border. I figured why not put up a site with links to those reports and if anyone else was interested I could save them the time I put in.  It is still an experiment for me and a work in progress.

It pains me when I am unable to update on a daily basis as recently  was the case. The reason for the delay is that I still go out in the field, working the border in person and seeing first hand how bad it really is and doing what I can to help local homeowners, ranchers and law enforcement.  I have been away for the past few days doing just that.

Areas of the southwest are still crawling with armed drug smugglers leaving their sign many miles up into the heart of the homeland.

Smuggling coffee?I doubt seriously they are smuggling coffee

Cocoa beans?Or cocoa beans

Fresh suppliesThey bring plenty of food and water.

Environmental impactAnd leave literally tons of trash behind for others to clean up.

Unfortunately it has become too dangerous a business for the most part to post detailed AARs as I did in years past on this blog.

I hope you will visit the new news site:  and tell your friends.  There is a link to this blog ( at the bottom of the new site.  If you have any comments or suggestions or news items please feel free to contact me.  My contact info is in the “about” section in the top right corner of the this blog.

If I am away for a few days and haven’t updated the news please bear with me and rest assured…..

I’ll be back.

I'll be backThanks for your support

Semper Vigilans,


2 responses

  1. David E Shelton

    I still care about the border C-1. I’m just getting a little too old to go out there anymore. SNAFU

    March 24, 2014 at 12:45

    • C1

      Thanks Viking. Hang in there!

      March 28, 2014 at 06:19

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