SBI Audio for the day

*Note: The term “Rip Crew” refers to bandits who operate in the same areas as illegal aliens and drug smugglers for the purpose of robbing them.  One such rip crew was responsible for the murder of Nogales Border Patrol Agent Brian Terry on December 15, 2010.  That group of bandits were armed with guns from the Fast and Furious gun smuggling debacle ran by the Department of Homeland Security.-SBI

03/13/13 – 0000  thru  03/13/13 – 2400 –  31 groups,  330  Bodies –  I-8 Rip Crew, Group of 100

11 Minutes of condensed audio for the day.

Groups of:  3,1,5,10P,4,3,3,20,16,2,13,13,4,4,6,8,3,11,12,13,5,9,17,20,4,2,2,3,10,5,4,100
(P= “46” Drug Packers, A= Armed individuals, U= UltraLight Sighting, LV= Load Vehicle)

Significant Events in audio:

—  There were many groups being worked during this 24 hour period where the size of the group could not be determined.
—  Multiple rotary wing & fixed wing “Hi-Flyer” support aircraft working groups
— LE Busted a group of 10 packers near Intestate 8/ Montgomery Road  – Rip crew suspected to be in the area
— Group of 100 spotted near Sasabe, AZ at midnight last night.


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