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I haven’t been able to get out much but had some interesting times when I did.  Despite what the feds say the border is anything but secure and the I-8 corridor in Arizona is  being hit hard as well as other parts of Arizona.The BLM’s Operation ROAM (Restore Our Arizona Monument’s) is in full swing:

SUBJECT:  Operation ROAM–Fire in Historic Structure–Arrests
LOCATION:  Sonoran Desert National Monument

SYNOPSIS OF INCIDENT: On February 8, at 1805 hours, BLM law enforcement rangers patrolling the Sonoran Desert National Monument in conjunction with Operation ROAM responded to a Border Patrol report of eight suspected illegal aliens near the Big Horn Station Historical Site along Interstate 8. A BLM ranger observed smoke coming from the structure. The ranger detained two suspects who had started a fire in the structure. Border Patrol agents and additional BLM rangers conducted an extensive search. No additional suspects were apprehended and the fire was extinguished by a BLM ranger. The suspects had started the fire for warming. The Bighorn Station is nearly 100 years old and during 2010 and 2011, an American Reinvestment and Recovery Act project was developed to stabilize and preserve the existing structure. $247,800 was invested in this project. The presence and immediate response of the rangers and the Border Patrol agents prevented the loss of this historic structure and piece of history. The suspects were determined to be illegal aliens who were unlawfully present in the United States and were transported to the Ajo Border Patrol Station pending removal and/or prosecution. All of the agencies are partners in the Alliance to Combat Transnational Threats (ACTT) and participate in regular planning, coordination and cooperation for joint operations in this area.

More is posted here:

Had my own little impromptu “operation” in that same area on the the same day mentioned above:

SUBJECT:  Operation DUMPOUT (Disheveled Unfortunate Mexican Pops Out Under Trash)
LOCATION:  Sonoran Desert National Monument
At approximately 1500 on 8FEB12 at the picnic area on the south side of Interstate 8 at the 149 mile marker I went to take a piss beside the dumpster. As I was about to unzip I peered into the open dumpster and a grimy face peered back at me.  I admonished him to stay ( I wanted to get my camera from the truck) but instead he hollered “I GOING!” and popped out of that dumpster like a jack in the box and ran like an Earl Scheib paintjob.
The swarming BLM agents to my west apparently had better things to do than chase the single southbounder even though I called it in and then told one ranger personally.
 Imagine seeing a face here!He was gone before I could get back to my truck and retrieve my camera but there was sign everywhere:
Mexican medsBackpack with more mexican meds
I laid up in the cold one night not far from there but didn’t catch anyone
waiting in the coldAnd it was cold
Tucson in FebruaryHad some mighty weird frost on my drivers side window.  I’ve felt like a target before but ………
weird frost On a cold rainy day in January a trusted friend and I took the remains of my faithful K9 Hot Shot to Patriot Point on the border one last time.
Hot Shot rides shotgun one last timepallbeareropen casketSpreading the ashes at Patriot PointHot Shot Patriot PointHot Shot Patriot Point 1:26:13I sure do miss that boy…………..
Hot Shot RIPDid a little training in January too
Training in the rainAnd here is a brief commentary on the call for weapons, magazines and ammo bans:
What we think of gun bans
While the government tries to disarm the citizens and insists that the border is more secure than ever, the folks at SECURE BORDER INTEL work tirelessly documenting how wide open and dangerous our southern frontier actually is. Click on the links below and give a listen:

03/11/13 – 0000  thru  03/11/13 – 2400 –  30 groups,  169 Bodies – Muliple fires detected9 Minutes of condensed audio for the day.Groups of:  8P,15,8P,6,3,2,2,2,3,15+,3,5,11,4,3,11,3,2,6,5,14,7,5,7,1,5P,3,4P,6
(P= “46” Drug Packers, A= Armed individuals, U= UltraLight Sighting)

Significant Events in audio:
—  There were many groups being worked during this 24 hour period where the size of the group could not be determined.
—  Multiple rotary wing & fixed wing “Hi-Flyer” support aircraft working groups
—  Multiple fires detected in one desert brush area – origin unknown
—  “Sequester” furloughs mentioned

03/12/13 – 0000  thru  03/12/13 – 2400 –  20 groups,  108  Bodies –  Air Assets working 17 groups12 Minutes of condensed audio for the day.Groups of:  7,8,14,4,15,2P,7,3,6P,3,LV,1,2,1,3,5,5,6P,11,4
(P= “46” Drug Packers, A= Armed individuals, U= UltraLight Sighting, LV= Load Vehicle)

Significant Events in audio:
—  There were many groups being worked during this 24 hour period where the size of the group could not be determined.
—  Multiple rotary wing & fixed wing “Hi-Flyer” support aircraft working groups
— By midnight last night, air assets were working group “Quebec”  (Group #17 for the day)


Vocatus alque non vocatus-I’ll be back

Semper Vigilans,


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  1. Owen

    Hi sir,

    I noticed you have a link to the Serious Incident Reports page for the BLM. I’ve been trying to get to that page (I check it every couple of weeks for the heck of it) but it appears the BLM has changed their website and they have removed all the reports, even dating back to 2010. And conveniently for them, there are no archived copies of those pages at or in Google’s cached page system. What do you think their reasoning is for that? Interesting timing… we see reports lately in the news about supposed 90% success rates for catching illegals, yet they take down the report sites. Hmmmmm.

    Great site by the way.

    April 30, 2013 at 19:47

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