A trip down memory lane……..

Seven years ago today I went on my first mission to the border.  It was with the now defunct “Friends of the Border Patrol” and we set up on private property in Tierra Del Sol.

Didn’t really know what I was doing.  Just had a sidearm, old binos and a rifle scope.  Managed to spot a couple of illegals.

Found the first of many piles of discarded “border booties.”

It was a relatively uneventful mission but it ignited a patriotic craving to be of service and by April 2006 I was going to the border at least once a month.

On 31AUG07 after spending a week alone on Patriot Point, with only an old border dog named Hot Shot as company I had to head for home.  Hot Shot had a long and storied past of being passed around from border property owners and minutemen and always alerted me to intruders.  I could not bear to leave him.

He looked at me as if to say, “I’m going with you, right?”

Yup, The rest is history. Brought the old boy home to meet his new siblings four years ago this Friday.

He has been my runnin’ buddy ever since and we have worked the border from Patriot Point in California all the way to Big Bend, Texas. The boy loves to travel!

He’s come a long way from sleepin’ on the ground at the border to lounging around the house, enjoyin’ a forever home and semi-retirement.

We don’t get to “do work” as much anymore due to age, health and finances.  But rest assured,

We’ll be back.

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