JULY 2012


The following Men and Women laid down their lives so that we could live in a free and prosperous nation. For God and Country they paid the ultimate sacrifice. In one fleeting moment the lives of their families were changed forever. Their loss will always be felt by those who loved them, by all who worked alongside them, and by every man and woman that has ever worn the green and gold of the United States Border Patrol. It is with the utmost respect that we honor them here.”-From The United States Border Patrol Museum Website

Patrol Inspector In Charge Edwin H. Wheeler- July, 6, 1952

Border Patrol Agent Susan L. Rodriguez– July 7, 1998

Border Patrol Agent Richard G. Salinas-July 7, 1998

Border Patrol Agent Glenn A. Phillips– July 8, 1974

Air Operations Supervisor David Roberson– July 14, 1989

Patrol Inspector Ivan E. Scotten– July 20, 1929

Airplane Pilot William F. Buckelew– July 23, 1954

Patrol Inspector Donald Kee– July 23, 1954

Border Patrol Agent Robert Rosas*-July 23, 2009

Patrol Inspector Lon Parker– July 25, 1926

Border Patrol Agent Eric N. Cabral– July 26, 2007

JUNE 2012

Border Patrol Agent Alexander Kipnick– June 3, 1998
Airplane Pilot Douglas C. Shute– June 6, 1956
Patrol Inspector James M. Carter– June 6, 1956
Airplane Pilot Louis D. Stahl– June 13. 1992
Aircraft Pilot Trainee Lester L. Haynie– June 14, 1985
Border Patrol Agent Stephen C. Starch– June 14, 1997
Patrol Inspector Theodore L. Newton Jr.- June 17, 1967
Patrol Inspector Trainee George F. Azrak– June 17, 1967
Airplane Pilot Kenneth L. Carl– June 18, 1961
Patrol Inspector Earl F. Fleckinger– June 23, 1945
Senior Patrol Inspector Robert W. Kelsay– June 25, 1930
Patrol Inspector Charles F. Inch– June 26, 1932

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