APRIL 2012

Agent Memorials

The following Men and Women laid down their lives so that we could live in a free and prosperous nation. For God and Country they paid the ultimate sacrifice. In one fleeting moment the lives of their families were changed forever. Their loss will always be felt by those who loved them, by all who worked alongside them, and by every man and woman that has ever worn the green and gold of the United States Border Patrol. It is with the utmost respect that we honor them here.”-From The United States Border Patrol Museum Website

Border Patrol Agent Jason C. Panides– April 4, 2001

Patrol Inspector Joseph P. Riley-April 6, 1925

Mounted Watchman Clarence M. Childress-April 16, 1919

Patrol Inspector Archie L. Jennings– April 16, 1960

Border Patrol Agent Joe R. White– April 18, 1995

Patrol Inspector Thad Pippin– April 21, 1927

Patrol Inspector Joseph P. Gamez Jr.- April 21, 1978

Patrol Inspector William W. McKee– April 23, 1926

Air Interdiction Agent Clinton B. Thrasher– April 25, 2007

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