Unmanned Border Crossing With Mexico?

Interesting article regarding the proposed unmanned border crossing with Mexico in the Boquillas Del Carmen area of the Big Bend National Park in Texas here:

Feds Propose to Open an Unmanned Border Crossing With Mexico to Upgrade Security

They claim this unmanned crossing will increase security in the area.  I think y’all know how I feel about unmanned crossings.  But having visited this area a couple of years ago:

I reckon just about anything will improve security in the area.  Those of you who are enraged about the thought of an unmanned border crossing there be advised there are already “unmanned crossings”happening.  They are just rarely monitored.

I bought one of the copper scorpions as a souvenir of my visit, placed my 6 dollars on a rock and then heard water splashing.  The “unmanned border crossing” then became active:

It was just him and me (though he had amigos on the other side) and while I threatened to call Border Patrol I suspect he knew that I had no cell phone coverage on any of my phones and no radio coverage either.  Hopefully the crossing our government proposes will include a cell tower and improve other forms of communication as well.. Yet and still 8 Border Patrol Agents and 23 Park Rangers ain’t much in an area as large as Big Bend. One also wonders why thousands of taxpayer dollars will be spent on this crossing when there are only 100 residents on the Mexican side and virtually nothing on the US side.  I go nuts trying to figure this stuff out-C1

“The events of September 11, 2001, destroyed Boquillas del Carmen’s traditional way of life. In May 2002, the border crossing from Big Bend National Park to Boquillas was closed indefinitely. As of October 2006, only 19 families of around 90 to 100 residents remained in Boquillas. Most of the town’s residents had been forced to move away by the closure of the tourist crossing and destruction of the town’s traditional economy.

On January 7, 2011, the US National Park Service announced plans to reopen the crossing using a ferry and a passport control center planned to open in the spring of 2012.“-


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