Anyone who reads this blog knows my posts have become few and far between.  So many people do a much better job documenting the continued illegal infiltration of our country like my friends Jeff Schwilk and Kim Dvorak.

And the tireless work of my buddies at US Evolutions and the Secure Border Intel cannot be overlooked.  Be sure to check out their newest video.

I wish I had the time and money to continue operating and posting like I used to but my energy and finances are slim now and must be directed to finding a job. Our “Hope and Change” economy has taken it’s toll and I have scaled back operations substantially.

I have still made trips to parts of Arizona, where drug detritus still can be found in abundance along the side of highways well north of the border.

Did some poking around in the badlands of Southern California.  Didn’t catch anyone but found some interesting places.

With my faithful K9 getting old and in semi-retirement I have been training this young Knucklehead

Took him shooting too

I hope to take him on a mission sometime soon.  But for know I am liquidating some tactical gear and steadily looking for gainful employment, all the while trying to not be totally consumed by my resentments and hatred for the politicians who seem bent on destroying this country. The 4th of July 2011 was bittersweet for me. Juneteenth was slightly sweeter.

I shall endeavor to keep a sense of humor so as not to go completely postal.

I’ll be back

Semper Vigilans,


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