Border Security Expo

Thanks to SDMM and BPAUX for notifying me of this event.- C1

Border Security Expo 2011
Phoenix Convention Center
Admission to the Expo is FREE! Pre-Register Today at
FEB 15th: 9:30AM – 4:00PM
FEB 16th: 9:00AM – 2:00PM

Join us in Phoenix to visit more than 100 Exhibitors, Attend Free Seminars, Glock Raffles each day, and more-

Don’t leave your colleagues behind!


Topics Include:

— Kidnappings for Ransom/Kidnappings to Kill
— Cross-jurisdiction Information Sharing and
— Cell Phone Tracking (Kidnap, Hijackings and
other Applications)
— N-Dex Information Sharing on a National Level
— Stop-n-Frisk: Seize and Search
— DHS RISC & READDS Intel Program for
Law Enforcement 

The Border Security Conference
In addition to an exciting expo, the Border Security Conference offers the opportunity to hear high-level speakers provide their expertise on the latest topics and trends within the Border Security arena.
Keynote Speakers Include:
High Level Keynote Speakers Include:
This conference program has been approved for Arizona POST (continuing or proficiency)  

Training Credit.
For conference registration details and fees, please visit our website:

Event Sponsors:
Sponsor Logos
Find all of the details at:

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