Overdue Update

My K9 always gets excited when he can work with the Marines


I wish I could say I’m getting old and lazy, I am, but that is not the reason for not posting here in awhile.  Events have conspired to keep me from it.  The border war has heated up in my neighborhood.  Gunshots, though unfortunately not uncommon in the vicinity of my home have increased of late.  Most are random volleys but a few recently have resulted in injuries and deaths, some less than a block from my home. The rival Mexican gangs of the area have become increasing more brazen and violent. This has resulted in fewer trips to the border and increased patrols of my own property’s perimeter. Indeed, the border war has come to me.

Along with the dealing with the hoodlums in my hood, the increasing number of dangerous individuals and groups working on both sides of the border, has led me to become even more selective about where and when I  do border work.  It has also caused me to be ever more cautious about who I work with as well as what I post here.

For a time I was re-posting interesting border and homeland security related articles I found online, of course attributing them to the original authors.  This is too time consuming and of dubious legality so it will end now, though I may continue to post links to articles of interest.  There are a great many websites and mailing lists out there that can keep you better informed than I can.  I will be glad to guide you to them if requested to do so.  Indeed, many informative links can be found on the right side of this blog.

In the age of Obama I am having to work more and more, harder and harder, for less and less.  I have to cut back somewhere and this blog, unfortunately, is one of those places.

Among the border related incidents occurring during my absence from this site was the killing of yet another Border Patrol Agent, Brian Terry, at the hands of Mexican bandits operating well inside Arizona. I have the left information and articles about this tragedy in previous posts, on the site.

The same day I learned of the murder of Agent Terry I also received word that long time border watcher, BPAUX co-founder and old friend Carl Braun had experienced a major heart attack.  I am pleased to report he is recovering exceptionally well and is expecting to be back on the border sometime in February.  I hope to see him there. Easy does it, Carl.

In November and December 2010, despite the local Mexican gang war, I did manage to make it to my old stomping grounds in the Campo area of California.  One night just before Christmas I happened upon a white car pulled off to the side of Forrest Gate and I pulled over, thinking it was longtime border watcher Gadget.  It was not.  Instead I found a clean-cut articulate young man who had never been to the border, wanted to see it and needed directions.  I had him follow me to the G road just south and east of Patriot Point where I geared up, cleared the shotgun side of my cab, loaded my shotgun and invited the gentleman for a ride along.  He eagerly agreed.

The man was Major Eric Egland, founder of Troops Need You.  He was in the area to expand the work of the nonprofit agency he founded to the homefront and to the Border Patrol agents and National Guard troops on the border.  I was honored to have him ride along and showed him points of interest and accompanying tales from La Gloria Canyon to Bell Valley.  His opinions and stories were far more interesting and his mission of helping the troops a worthy one, which I wholeheartedly support. I thoroughly enjoyed visiting with my unexpected passenger. A link to Troops Need You has been added to the link section to the right of this post should you decide you want to donate to this worthy cause.

We parted company that cold, rainy night about 2300 and I headed for Camp Vigilance to get some sleep.

The following day was all about training, with a good deal of hours and effort spent setting up the range and courses, all in the cold drizzle.

It was well worth it and I seldom pass up an invitation to training.  I hope to train again in the near future as well as do some border work soon.

Semper Vigilans,


I’ll Be Back

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