5th anniversary, expressions of gratitude and other miscellaneous ramblings

August 29th, 2005. While Hurricane Katrina was rolling into New Orleans I was sitting on a hilltop in Tierra Del Sol, California on my very first border watch with what is now the defunct "Friends of the Border Patrol"

I saw my first batch of border booties and someone had to explain to me what they are for!

Friends of the Border Patrol was the first of many "organizations" I have worked with or beside that dissolved with their leader in disgrace. While  I must credit Ramirez, Simcox, Gilchrist and others with igniting the "minuteman" fire in many patriotic Americans like myself,  enormous egos and unaccountable, illegitimate and sometimes downright illegal fund raising got the best of them. Their members and groups morphed and split and I have seen more than one good group of people walk away from a just cause in disgust, as is often the case when personalities usurp principles.
 That is one reason why I feel uncomfortable mentioning the need for donations.  With so many charlatans picking the pockets of patriots, asking for help leaves a bad taste in my mouth.  Then a good friend, whom I continue to work with on the border to this day said, "C1 you're out there doing work, buddy!  Don't feel bad about asking for help.  Some folks can't make it to the border to do what we do but they still want to help."  It made me feel a little better and very grateful.  I can't mention everyone by name but I owe ALL of you who I work with on the border a debt of gratitude.  You know who you are. God bless y'all.  But I will mention a few people who, of late, have made our independent operations just a little easier.
Thanks to Infidel, a gifted teacher who freely shares his knowledge and willingly educates us and pushes us to the limit. His tactics and training given combined with his wicked sense of humor helps get us through the ops.
Thanks to my buddy Beast who gave me the pep talk mentioned above.
FN9, Red Army, Golf 1, 22, 36, 17, 5, Schmucky, Trooper, Duckhunter, Radioman, Shorty, Horsepuckies, Ronbo, The Watch Advisor and so many others who continue to this day to spend their own time and money in an effort to secure, protect and defend our homeland. Please forgive me if I did not mention you all by "name." I wish I could name everybody, but please know that whether or not I named you I do owe you all a huge debt of gratitude.  Yes, we have our differences, but we have far more similarities.
The patriots I have worked with and will continue to work with are soldiers from every walk of life. But we are not "soldiers of fortune."
Indeed, most of us are going broke doing this work and could be more accurately called "soldiers of bankruptcy."
I guess that makes us all a bunch of SOBs.
So if I make a polite request for assistance please know that 100% of any donation received through will go to border ops and be shared among the patriots. It doesn't have to be money.  Gas is probably our biggest expense.  Gas cards are graciously accepted.  Batteries, bullets, training certificates, any tactical or camping supplies,night vision equipment, thermal imaging devices, 4 or 5 watt uhf radios, pay as you go cell phone cards, MREs, just about anything will help, including technical support and it all will be greatly appreciated.
Hell, click on one of the "Shirts and Gear" links  to the right and your purchase will help and you get cool stuff too.
Thanks to "Humbled Infidel" (a different Infidel) who has a blog on Vox who assisted me in adding the new links section to my blog.
Thanks to West Coast JJ Junior who donated cash to the cause.
Thanks to new readers Whiskey 1 and Tango 1 who, thanks to this blog, are following operations more closely, e-mailing moral support almost daily and gearing up to join operations.
Thanks to Flagwaver who dug deep and sent what she could.  Man, it all helps. The letter below moved me to tears.

I have every receipt from every border related expense since that first op fives years ago today, 29AUG05.  I'm in a bit of denial I guess, haven't ever added them all up. Kinda scary. But if you ever want to see them they are there to view.
Thanks again for your support and for indulging me.  I guess sometimes I just get overwhelmed with gratitude and wanted to try and express it, though my expression of gratitude still seems grossly inadequate.
Now, on to the misc. ramblings section (it is a blog after all):
Today I went out the the desert for a little small caliber stress management. For the second time this summer I found a bag of weed!!

While this bag contained much less than the bag I found in Arizona last month

The one I found today was of much higher quality.  Indeed someone had a "prescription" for it. Harmless?  Bullshit.  Tell me marijuana doesn't affect your memory. Some dumbass got high, put half a joint back in the bag then left it in the desert!

In California "authorized patients only" means anyone with any ailment can pay the right doctor to get a medical marijuana card.  I wonder how many of our politicians have pot prescriptions? Perhaps we have stumbled upon one of the major problems with:

Yes, it looks like perhaps our prescribed pothead also forgot his textbook.  In the spirit of "adapt, improvise, overcome" I combined my two desert discoveries into a tasty target.

Then I proceeded to take out my frustrations with the following results:

Not wanting to take the Santa Rosa Sour with me ( I am after all NOT an authorized patient) but also not wanting someone else to find and possibly partake of the "prescription" drug, I did the only thing I could think of that might render it unpalatable to the passing pothead.  I hydrated it thoroughly with a convenient, warm, sterile fluid.

Well, I have rambled on enough.  Besides being almost overwhelmingly thankful, can you tell I a bit bored?
Man, I'm itchin' to get down to the border and do some work.
Care to join me?
Semper Vigilans,

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