Did it happen?

I do not know whether the rumored takeover of two American ranches in the Laredo area (see the previous two posts below this one) actually happened or not.  I have no reason not to believe Jeff Schwilk yet I have a hard time believing that any media could keep a complete blackout on a story like that.

Andrew Breitbart's Big website is reporting that the invasion never happened:

Whether Breitbart's sources are more or less credible that Schwilk's, Dvorak's,Digger's Realm  or the Cypress Times remains to be seen.  However, the last four paragraphs of the article at does makes some very sad and salient points:

"As bizarre as the Invasion of Laredo is as a story, the most disappointing thing about it thus far isn’t that a handful of conspiracy theorists could concoct such a story, but that our federal government has created the conditions for such a flight of fancy to appear absolutely possible.

We are a nation governed by generations of Republicans and Democrats that desire an open border for nefarious political reasons, led by a President, U.S. Attorney General, and Congress that do not even pretend to care about the lives of American citizens or the sovereignty of our nation. We are citizens abandoned, adrift, and worried about our future, threatened by a very real and very violent war between Mexican authorities and powerful drug cartels.

Given all this context, all the evidence of failure of a government unwilling to protect our national sovereignty or our citizens, and it isn’t difficult to understand how a story like the Laredo ranch invasion seems entirely plausible.

Barack Obama, Janet Napolitano and Eric Holder have failed us. This invasion may have been a hoax, but at the same time, it serves as a very real reflection of their incompetence." Bob Owens

So the jury on this incident is still out.  I have no problem believing that something happened.  There are incursions happening regularly along our frontiers.  Hell, I personally once had a civilian looking helicopter fly straight north out of Mexico at very low altitude, cross over me at the 241 and proceed into America unchecked.  Invasion? Incursion? Probe? Recon?  Who knows?  But it happens all the time. According to the CBP there were:

* 76 Mexican Government incursions from January 2008 to December 2009 (data missing from February 2009)
* 50 Mexican Government incursions in 2008 alone, which is double the number of incursions from the previous year
* 528 assaults against CBP agents from January – June 2008
* 11 assaults against National Guard agents with CBP from January – June 2008




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