Saturday 17JUL10

Yesterday morning I woke up, got a cup of coffee then headed out to the range to sight in my M1A and try out a extra AR-15 bolt and carrier assembly which I keep in my gear as a backup.  The bolt carrier worked flawlessly and the Springfield was dead on. Satisfied I went back to the office. The computer was up and running as usual and the Drudge Report featured these links:

Americans Caught in Mexico -- Allege Abuse...

'Hezbollah-like' car bomb kills 4 on Mexican border...

Illegal immigrant deaths in Arizona desert soaring...

With all those headlines in mind, especially the the last one, I drove to a place where I knew it was as hot as the area mentioned in the article, donned every bit of my gear, including body armor, and struck off up a steep trail.

 I hiked for almost two hours in the hottest part of the day with temperatures above 110 and came home feeling energized, acclimated, enthused and ready to help defend my country and it's constitution from enemies both foreign and domestic.
Care to join me?

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