Guest Blogger AAR

To: STAVKA High Command of the People's Red Army of Peasants and Workers
From: Southwest Front Political Department
Re: Operations in the Campo Sector, July 3rd and the 4th, 2010
In the Campo Sector the cause of our glorious Motherland is winning.
Intrepid Comrades Golf 1, Liberty 1, and Red Army departed for the Front after a hearty breakfast that was a cross section of the bounty their Motherland could produce, paid for with fiat currency forced up them and all citizens by the vile forces behind the Federal Reserve, and polished off with copious amounts of coffee.
In a convoy of vehicles powered by gasoline sold at California prices (see: Gouged, Ripped-Off, over-taxed, screwed) they arrived at the Front in the late morning hours. There they met up with Comrade FN9 to discuss operations in the area near the Cap Rock and ZHP. Arriving for his first Border Volunteer Mission was Comrade Executive 1, who conducted himself throughout the day and evening in a manner that was equal parts patriotism and professionalism.
Operations consisted of terrain familiarization, sweep of known smuggling routes running from the Cap Rock to Highway 94, mobile patrol, Bacon Cheeseburgers, coffee, dick jokes, long term border watch from Horse Rustler's point, litter removal/recycling in Bell Valley, and several incidents of stewardship of native wildlife (i.e. carefully encouraging a meter long red diamondback rattlesnake off of the border road and out of harm's way. Some might have harmed the snake out of habit or ignorance, however the rattlesnake is part of the rich biodiversity of our Motherland, and serves an important role in the ecosystem of the high desert), and night time stakeout operations along well travelled smuggling routes.  
Which serves also as an important reminder to all Comrades in the area. Snakes are out and active. Please be vigilant and never let your feet our hands outrun your eyes while working in the area. Ticks are present as well, so check for them after moving through brush. Temperatures are high, be certain to drink plenty of water.
Sign of recent crossing was scattered, with only one group being identified in the area of ZHP by the NKVD Border Guards, during the 24hr period.  Conversation with the Border Guards indicated that attempted crossings haver diminished in this sector, and those who do make the attempt are being apprehended quite often. These are signs of encouragement.
There are many factors that mitigate illegal immigration into our Motherland. The struggling economy and depressed industries in California is certainly a factor. Increased presence of NKVD Border Guards, including the increase in noted helicopter patrols and FLIR equipment, the improving of observation positions in strategic locations along the border, the professionalism and training of the Border Guards, and the commitment of citizen volunteers in the securing of this section of the Motherland's border, have all contributed to a helping to stem the tide of narcotics and human smuggling in this sector.
Since July 4, 2007, comrades have come and gone along the line. Some who have professed an interest in lending a hand have donated their time and fortunes in every way from bringing water to the thirsty in the desert heat, to standing a post through the dark nights in their off hours, despite the danger inherent in thwarting the plans of vile trafficking cartels. Others have shown themselves otherwise; grifters, squatters, and the like who took advantage of the patriotic feelings of other citizens. But as in anything, the genuine stayed true, demonstrating that the love of the Republic lives and breathes in the soul of Americans today just as it did to that Revolutionary Generation in 1776.  
Si, se puede. Yes, we can. Yes we can secure the borders of the Republic. Yes, we can restore the rule of Constitutional law. Yes, we can preserve the liberties of all citizens. 
And we are.
The trafficking of narcotics and illegal aliens into the Motherland is a multi-billion dollar industry. Those cartel elements who continue this criminal industry are doubtless going to continue, whether in the Campo sector, or some other along the border. Vigiliance is indeed the price of liberty.
Won't you too lend a hand?
Additionally, a Comrade's Committee was held in the field during border observations wherein the Glorious Order of Sushi 1st Class was upheld again by a unanimous vote.
Conclusion of Report.


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