Arizona Observations 24-25JUN10

I can't really call this a border update since the most disturbing observations were 80 MILES NORTH OF THE BORDER!

Thursday 24JUN10

I departed the C1 compound at 1430 and hit the I-8 and headed for the Great State of Arizona.  Along the way I saw some interesting sights.

And to see interesting sights the very purpose of my trip. I wanted to see and document further the porous frontier that this administration claims is secure. By 1920 I was in Gila Bend where I headed south on the 85.

I arrived in Ajo, Arizona at 2000 and bedded down for the evening in surprisingly nice accommodations.

Friday 25JUN10

The next morning I drove further south on the 85 to the Organ Pipe National Monument.

The number of Border Patrol vehicles along the way were rivaled only by the number of vehicles with Mexican license plates.  There were also a good number of new, gold colored, unmarked Ford four door pickups with large arrays of antennae on the top, as well as numerous EODT security vehicles.  While this area appeared secure, when you get up on the 1-8 east of Gila Bend you will rarely see a Border Patrol agent.  You will see many other interesting and illicit sights however.

I stopped at the National Park Visitor Center, renamed in honor of Kris Eggle, a Park Ranger who was slain in the line of duty assisting Border Patrol Agents in pursuit of suspected drug smugglers.

Large portions of the park, adjacent to the border have since been closed to the public.

Even having been given that information I had to see for myself so I pressed on further south to Lukeville.

The information was correct and the border was locked down at the POE and all along the southern boundary of the park.

I spoke with some agents to get their advice about the next leg of my journey.  I had intended to drive back north to Why and then proceed through the Tohono O’odham Indian reservation to a north/south road marked “1” and then head to Ali Chuk to see what the border looked like there

However, the Border Patrol Agents informed me that, while it was ok to drive east or west across the res, to go north or south required a tribal escort. That leg of my mission was therefore aborted, wondering all the while what else the tribe was escorting north?……….

 The answer is easy to see if you head for the 1-8, as I did at that point, between Gila Bend and Casa Grande.  Drug runners, not people trying to come to America to make a better life, but armed drug smugglers, routinely bring loads up from Mexico through the Indian reservation to the I-8.

The evidence is everywhere.

The citizens of Arizona know it.  Governor Brewer knows it.

You and I know it.  But our President and his minions refuse to do anything about it.


Semper Vigilans,



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