Phoenix Rising

Friday 4JUN10

Hot Shot and I departed the Deteriorating Peoples Republic of California early Friday morning and headed for the Great State of Arizona.  We arrived in the State Capitol area of Phoenix plenty early and set about getting the lay of the land of the site where the Phoenix Rising Rally in support of SB1070 would be held the following day.  And, of course, we did some sightseeing and paying of respects.

There were many more Memorials and I am sorry I didn't get to take pictures of them all.  If you served in WW1, WW2, or Korea  Hot Shot and I Thank you for your service as well
Hot Shot found one Memorial especially to his liking.

 I get teary eyed thinking about the day I have to give my beloved K9 up to the Great Spirit.

We left the State Capitol then and looked for a cheap motel close by.  Unfortunately the closest motels, while definately the cheapest, were also the scummiest.  And none allowed pets.  Pimps, prostitutes, crack dealers yes…….pets no.
We pressed on up 19th street, our search for lodging temporarily abandoned and in it's place a lust for the lure of a free world firearms shop.  The first one we got to was Weapons Works.  The folks were friendly and the place was small and homey.  They specialize in gunsmithing mostly and told me I should go check out Lone Wolf Trading Company and gave me simple directions how to get there. 

It's a great shop, with an entire wall of AK-47 variants for sale.  That's something we can't own in California, unless your a criminal that is………
Hot Shot and I finally found inexpensive accommodations not too far from the rally site and bedded down for the night.
Saturday 5JUN10
We arrived in the vicinity of the State Capitol about noon.  I always like to be early and had hoped to be early enough to park up close. Unfortunately the close in parking area I had scoped out the day before was cordoned off and reserved for bikes only, and, as we would see later, there would be a bunch of them.  We drove to the other side where vendors and speakers were setting up. I had no pass to get in that lot but after speaking with the head of security there and telling him about and what i do on the border, he allowed me in.  Hot Shot and I found a good spot to set up and began watching the event unfold, helping wherever we could.

Hot Shot likes mingling with the crowd.  Can You blame him?

Of course, the opposing media was there

Those of you who know me know I'm not all that sociable, not unfriendly, just not a big crowd person.  I spoke with several people I knew or had served with before, Jeff Schwilk and Ron Kilgore among them. But once the event was well underway I was ready to leave. Of course,  not before seeing all the scooters…..

Many of the bikers above rode in from my home state of Texas:

  Hot Shot got to meet a real Biker Bitch who was attending the rally:
It was about 105 degrees and Hot Shot was panting alot, and, as I said, I am not a real socialite.  So we started packing up about 1600. 
 About that time the security officer who allowed me to park so close came by for a visit.  Turns out he is an instructor at Marauders Tactical Training a place I will definitely be checking out in the future.
He asked me if I had been to Shooters World while I had been in town.  I said no, that I wasn't too familiar with the area.  When he started to give me directions I realized the damn place was within walking distance of my motel!!
Hot Shot and I hauled ass at that point. I dropped the boy off in the motel room with the AC on high so I could browse at leisure in what amounts to a huge firearms and tactical supermarket, complete with an indoor firing range.

 What you in the free world take for granted those of us stuck in California lust after.

On the way back home from Shooter's World I did something I seldom do anymore.  I stopped by a fast food joint and got two double meat cheeseburgers.  I was sorely disappointed.

 Now I remember why I don't frequent such establishments very often.  Having just come from the gun shop, and sporting my G36 as is perfectly legal to do in Arizona, I mustered all the anger management skills at my disposal to avoid a real live Whammy Burger Moment……

Then I got back to the room and found that my K9 unit had made himself right at home.

Hot Shot and I shared the Whammy Burger then got a good nights sleep……after I shoved him off my pillows.
Sunday 6JUN10
On this, the 66th anniversary of the beginning of the Normandy Invasion,  we headed back to the stupid, bankrupt, sanctuary state of California, where, thankfully I still have a job.  If I didn't I would be gone in a heartbeat.

I won't be going to anymore rallies anytime soon.
I am hopin' to "do some work" on the border in the very near future though.  Care to join me?
Semper Vigilans,

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