Belated Border Update Memorial Day Weekend 2010

I apologize for the tardiness of this update.  I hate to admit it but I am getting old and slow.  Prior to my departure for the border on 28MAY I received the following update from the I-8 corridor.  U.S. Evolutions, in a coordinated effort with local Concerned Citizens along with operators from the Tecate, CA area, were successful in fouling up at least one drug smuggling operation:


Saturday 5-22-10

For an entire week concerned citizens set up along the I-8 corridor near Gila Bend, AZ in hopes of deterring drug traffickers who use the area as a pick up point.  The drug smugglers tried anyway.  The various citizens reported suspicious activity in several locations, including a high point that was used as a look out by suspected scouts and a group of people carrying large packs seen on a thermal image camera system (video available at the youtube link below).  Cameras both manned and hidden continue to show that smuggling activity is still out of control.

Pics 1 and 2: After spotting two high pointers; citizens moved in to investigate causing two  men to flee the scene.  They left behind radio equipment including a portable repeater, cell phones, optics, large batteries, food, water, and other fresh supplies.

Pics 3 and 4: A load of narcotics and one individual were detained after the group of concerned citizens alerted Border Patrol to a group of suspected drug smugglers approaching the highway from the open desert.

Smuggling in San Diego Sector appears to be down from previous years, partly due to increased fencing and doubled patrol activity.  Arizona's traffic has intensified in areas where unfenced open desert still exist.  It will take more than a temporary manpower increase to gain effective control over this area.  In San Diego our own 1.6 mile security fence continues to stand largely uncrossed in an area once trafficked several times daily by all types of smugglers.

The following informative websites and pages have been recently updated.  Please pass these on to friends and family who are also concerned about our unsecured borders.




End of U.S. Evolutions report


 I can attest to the fact, mentioned in the above report, that smuggling is way down in the San Diego county area.  It has been months since I actually caught anyone or was even credited with an assist.  As mentioned before, this is largely due to an increased Border Patrol presence, along with some new fencing, cameras and lights. I remember a scant two years ago sitting out on the border in various places between Tierra Del Sol and Tecate and going damn near all night without seeing a BP agent. Now I can’t take a piss without a BP truck on either side of me or an agent sneaking up out of the brush!  While this means my border forays aren’t as fun or exciting as they used to be, it is the way it should be.

The publicity that citizen border observers brought to the area was a large factor in the increased BP presence and infrastructure improvements.  While I, along with many of my peers, I lament the lack of activity in the area, we take some satisfaction in knowing our efforts yielded results.  We did good.

But this doesn’t mean we can rest on our laurels. We must continue a civilian presence in our usual areas of operations while doing what we can to assist those in other parts of the homeland currently experiencing a more pronounced attack and invasion.  The I-8 corridor of Arizona between Gila Bend and Casa Grande is one such area and I hope to spend more time there this summer.



I headed for the border, this time without my trusty K9, Hot Shot.  Instead, I took my Honda XR400 “Dual Purpose” motorcycle ( an “enduro” to us old guys).  The street legal dirt bike has always been great fun on the border in the past and years ago I was successful in catching invaders while on “moto patrol”.  I arrived in the area, geared up and took off.  I rode from Tierra Del Sol to Tecate and back.  I was stopped by nearly every Border Patrol Agent I saw, and there were a lot of them, and was questioned.  This is as it should be.  A guy on a black dirt bike with saddlebags wearing body armor on the border road next to the fence should definitely be interrogated.

When I got to the other side of Bell Valley I poked around on the SDG&E road north of the border road and found some good places to set up observations.

  On the way back I decided to travel up to the top on hill 241. 

Many times I have made that climb.  Now BP owns the hill and has a road, albeit very steep and winding, up to a scope pad parking lot at the top.

  My, how times have changed! For the better.

I made it back to my camp in Boulevard late in the afternoon after nearly 6 hours of riding.  I had been drinking a weak Gatorade mixture from my camelback the entire day but it apparently was not enough.  I dismounted, staggered dehydrated back to the front seat of the Uno Mobile barely making it before I passed out. At some point in my stupor I called Golf 1, who along with Red Army, were planning on coming down and told him I did not think I would be up for further operations.  I was “weak sauce” as Infidel would say, and, after sleeping a while longer, loaded up my bike and all my gear.

I did manage to head over toward Dulzura to Barrett’s for a while that evening.

There I met up with 36 and was introduced to Jay LaSuer, conservative candidate for San Diego County Sheriff.  The purpose of the event was a meet and greet with the candidate.  After visiting with 36, Mr. LaSeur, several other locals I know and, of course the buffet line, I headed out.  I was thinking seriously about just going home but about Campo I had a serious sinking spell and pulled over at the Circle K.  I texted FN9, informing that staunch patriot that I would be unavailable for operations that night.  No sooner than I had finished the message I got a call from none other than Infidel who was already, and unexpectedly, in route to the area along with support.  FN9 had apparently called him upon hearing that I was feeling puny and leaning toward aborting my mission.  I told Infidel at that point I was too tired to make it home so I was going to head back to camp to get some more sleep.  I would catch him in the morning if he was still around.  That was about 1900 and I was sound asleep in the back of Godzilla by 2000.


0030-  I was startled from a deep sleep by pounding on the sides of Godzilla, my ’75 Suburban home away from home and awakened to loud taunts of “soup sandwich” and “pogue”.  It was Infidel and Rikki-Tik and they would have no part in me sleeping the rest of the night.  After unloading my bike from the back of the truck and throwing on a few more clothes, we headed for the border.

Infidel wanted to post up in the low area south and east of the “Ag Pen” but on the way there agents informed us of a group coming down the west side of Cap Rock and Trying to cross there.  They wanted to let them cross so they could be apprehended and asked if we would set up at the twin towers just west of the tunnel.  We are there to assist and did as told. Infidel and Rikki-Tik ghillied up and headed down to a spot where they could observe the tunnel area and the area above it where the fence ends.

I stayed topside a little closer to the truck and glassed the end of the fence through my night vision.

I observed no activity………except for BP, including two scope trucks to my north and back to my west.

At 0500 Infidel and Rikki-Tik made their way back up and we headed on a slow roll back to the east down the border road with infidel in the lead.  At the east base of Patriot Point we spotted fresh tracks in the recently dragged road. 

Infidel figured there to be at least ten that had just entered the country illegally.  He took off tracking them and is highly skilled at doing so.  I called the BP at Forrest Gate.  Infidel was hot on their trail and almost to Castle Rock, when BP informed us that eleven had been caught near the microwave tower just north of Castle Rock.  As is more and more often the case, the Border Patrol Agents didn’t even have to track them.  They had them with scopes and sensors and simply waited at the other end to round them up.  As Infidel said, “We were robbed!”

 But that’s how it’s supposed to be isn’t it?  It’s a testimony to how the system can work.  With sufficient infrastructure, manpower and technology in place and combined the border can be secured and the few that do slip through can be easily caught. They are proving this over and over again in the southeast San Diego section of the border.

I went back to Camp Vigilance and slept a few hours that day and then joined comrades Red Army and Golf 1 in defense of the motherland that evening.  We cruised slowly west from the PCT and ended up in the “horse rustler’s”/Scott’s area west of Bell Valley.

  We noted many odd movements and goings on at the burned out house in BV and what looked to be groups forming and dropoffs in the valley in Mexico southwest of BV.  One interesting note:  We watched an SUV in Mexico go off road up to the top of the highest hill south of our position.

  While I can’t verify this , as he was out of sight for a minute, but I imagine he dropped off spotters of his own to rival our efforts.  We pointed this activity out to BP agents who happened to roll up on us about that time.

Red Army, Golf 1 and I stayed in the area until about midnight.  There was an extremely loud party somewhere in Tecate and the throbbing bass and intermittent Spanish DJ chatter was grating on our nerves.  Probably pysops on their part but, at any rate, we called it a night.  With BP scope trucks in the area we were nonessential personnel at that point anyway.

As I said at the outset of this belated report, the area I have worked regularly for so many years is all but secured.  That could change when the winds of amnesty begin to blow at gale force once again, but the action seems to be moving east.  I hope to make more trips to Arizona this summer. 

Indeed, I am posting this entry from a motel room in Phoenix where Hot Shot and I went to the State Capitol for the Phoenix Rising rally in support of Arizona’s immigration law.

I met a lot of good people and bought some great shirts.

You can buy some great stuff too and support ongoing civilian border ops right here:

 I am not a very social creature (Hot Shot makes up for that) and do not usually attend rallies. 

But I wanted to network a bit and show my support for this great state.  My next show of support will be in the I-8 corridor to “do work”.

 Contact me if you want to know how to help  Now back to my belated AAR…..


I took the scenic route home, sad but scenic……

Semper Vigilans,


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