Report from Arizona I-8 operation

This just in from Horsepuckies and Shorty.  I found some of these homemade backpacks on my last trip to Arizona but didn't think to dismantle them.  Interesting find!  Good Job! I have edited the post below slightly in the interest of security.

FROM HORSEPUCKIES:  Shorty stopped by my place on his way back from Arizona where he had been working with other people along the 8 Fwy where the deputy was shot a couple of weeks ago. 118 miles from the border between Gila Bend and Casa Grande. Shorty found several home made packs [Empty] that had been used to transport drugs. When we took the packs apart this is what we found the shoulder straps were made of. Food bags from U.S.Aid to Mexico.

This photo and the next four photos are of Shorty and I actually taking apart and unfolding one of the shoulder straps used to carry drugs.

Our Aid to Mexico. This is where it ends up, in the hands of the drug cartels. First they eat the food or more likely ,use it for livestock feed, then they use the packaging to make packs to haul their drugs.

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