Border Observation 7-9MAY10

Friday 7MAY10

0520- Departed Rancho Uno

0820- Geared up and headed west from the southernmost trailhead of the Pacific Coast Trail

1000-Rolled up to Tecate Port Of Entry in time to see the traffic jam of Mexicans waiting to enter the country

….there’s a novel concept, WAITING TO ENTER

1050- Overt deterrent position on hilltop between 122-123 towers

Detected no activity-left at 1330 after scouting the hilltop.

1400-Went to the top of the tunnel then headed to base.

1900-Squeezed FN9 in the front seat (Hot Shot was not amused)

Parked in a covert position and went on foot to a spot in the bushes on hilltop 122-123.  Detected no activity and came down about 2200

Took FN9 back to base and then rolled east on the border road all the way the entry point at Red Shank in Tierra Del Sol.


0025- Left border area after visiting with BP scope detail

0200- Base camp-went to bed

1000- Up to do “housekeeping” relocated Godzilla

1315- Entered border road at Red Shank.  BP informed me that a group had dropped an estimated 300 pounds of marijuana, which BP seized.  The traffickers were still at large at the time, indeed one had been reported by a local going BTM close to Red Shank as I pulled in.  An unknown number were still out there, presumably trying to make their way back to Mexico.  I received the OK to assist in the search and proceeded west on the border road, with BP telling me to be cautious.

Rolled slow up the area where Agent Rosas was murdered and pressed on west.  Kingfish was not in his usual spot but an agent was posted at his position.

I continued on through Smith and La Gloria canyons.  The old Campo Minutemen have been evicted from their home in “The Oaks” leaving behind piles of garbage in their wake.  Interesting to note, however, that Mad Max was back on the line at the 239 after many months of absence.

Met 36 at the top 0f 122-123 and had a good visit for several hours. 

Then I went covert and Hot Shot and I laid up in the weeds to watch Cap Rock and the blind spot where the new fence his hidden from view. 

There illegals have been known to rope over the new fence. 

ATN PS-14 3B on sale here: A terrific value!

Alone, but in radio contact with FN9 we sat for several hours before pulling out and again heading back east on the border road to Tierra del Sol.

9MAY10- Took the long way home poking around the Valley of the Moon and then on to the Yuha.

BP reports the Yuha is very active at night, especially close to the mountains.

I functioned primarily as a deterrent this trip and didn’t see any aliens………

Or did I?

I have several websites with shirts and hats and stuff for sale, in hopes of making back some small portion of the many dollars I spend on my missions.  These sites do not yield much money but imagine my delight when the photo below was e-mailed to me from a supporter deep in the heart of Texas.

That makes me proud!  Guess I’ll go ahead and continue the commitment I made way back in April of 2006- To be on the border at least once a month to assist in the securing of our porous southern frontier.

Semper Vigilans,


P.S.  I regret that I will not be able to make the Arizona operation the weekend of 15MAY as I have to work my day job the next two weekends.  Information on the I-8 operation is posted in detail in several entries below this one.


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