Weekend Update 30APR-2MAY10

 Friday 30APR10– I took a day off and headed to Los Angeles where several close members of my family converged at LAX for a small, impromptu family reunion of sorts.  Words cannot describe how good it felt to be with those loved ones.  The visit was short and Friday night I was in Azusa preparing to meet the next Governor of the State of California.

 Saturday morning 1MAY10– While illegal aliens and their sympathizers gathered en mass in downtown LA to protest the gutsy new Arizona immigration law,

I headed up the mountain to Burro Canyon Shooting Park where I have trained on several occasions.  This was to be the site of a two-day defensive handgun course with the proceeds going to the campaign of the “rebel” candidate.

 I had known of Chelene for some time, had limited e-mails with her but had never had the chance to meet her in person.  I paid for the course but did not shoot, yet it was well worth the price of admission to finally meet the straight shooting and lovely gubernatorial candidate and also be united with many like-minded patriots. 

Fun was had by all and at noon we were treated to a Bar-B-Que feast by Billy Bonez Smoke House Catering.

Pretty girls, guns and Bar-B-Que!  I felt like I was back in Texas.

 Sunday 2MAY10– I returned to the bowels of LA to say goodbye to family members who departed to other parts of the globe.  Then I headed back to the C1 compound.

 While stuck in LA traffic Friday morning I phoned one of my Arizona contacts.  They will be hosting functions in the weeks to come and I had hoped to attend but it looks like I will be staying in my usual area of operations as illegal incursions in my area are on the rise and growing more violent.

Almost simultaneous to my call to Arizona, a Deputy Sheriff there, in the exact area I had visited weeks before, was fired upon by illegal alien drug smugglers with AK-47s.  Then, while a helicopter was searching for the wounded Deputy, it too was fired upon.  Eventually the man was rescued.

This happened a scant 50 miles SOUTH OF PHOENIX.

 No doubt most of you have already heard of this event but the media gives scarce details.  One has to search to find the truth, and when the truth is revealed it is often disheartening.

 As I sit at my computer and TV in the evening after work I often find myself heading for depression.  I sift through literally hundreds of e-mails each night, testifying to the fact that this great country is under attack by enemies within our country and government as well as from outside its boundaries.  It seems overwhelming at times and I wish there was more I could do.  Better men and women than I run more detailed blogs and websites than this one will ever be.  Balancing home life, family and jobs I have very little time to editorialize. I can e-mail you links if you want them, forward e-mails if you desire but I cannot keep up with the daily onslaught of felonies and misdemeanors perpetrated on the American people on a regular basis by evil politicians, their cohorts and enemies of the state. This is exactly what they want.  To overwhelm John Q. Public into demoralization.

 Will I wallow in the depressing mire of current events doing nothing but complain like so many other sheepish countrymen?  Negative!

I’m heading to the border to “do work.”

Join me in taking action!  If you cannot be there in person please e-mail me and I will tell you the many ways you can help the citizen operators on the line.

Your country needs you.  Is the border secure like Janet Incompetano claims?

Border Patrol Agents are getting rocked on a daily basis in our area and spotter with rifles are regularly seen on the high points in Mexico in our area of operation.  I also have unconfirmed reports of troop carriers visiting recently rolling into our favorite “Ranchita” south of Campo.

Won’t you join in the effort to secure our country from invasion?

I hope to meet you soon on a dusty border trail as a force multiplier for the brave men and women of the United States Border Patrol.

Semper Vigilans!


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