Border Update and Plea 9-11APR10

 Four years ago in April I made the commitment to myself, my peers and my country,  to deploy to the border at least one weekend a month.  With very few exceptions I have kept that commitment and intend to do so until the problem is solved.  In the past three years I have seen a lot of improvement and have met a lot of good people.  One such person,  a good friend with U.S. Evolutions, sums up the situation at the border like this:

Amnesty, Immigration Reform, and our Unsecured Borders




For more than 15 years I have worked with a small group to secure a one mile stretch of the U.S./ Mexico Border in one of the busiest drug and alien trafficking areas in San Diego.  We spent years preventing tens of thousands of criminal aliens and drug smugglers from successfully passing though our area of operations, often posting better daily results than the local Border Patrol station.  Finally we have gained effective control of our area after building almost two full miles of light duty security fence, improving patrol/access roads, placing cameras, sensors, and performing regular patrols.  The U.S. government has done their part by building a one mile long heavy duty security fence adjacent to our own and finally doubling up on Border Patrol Agents who typically worked alone in remote areas, sometimes without radio coverage.  Smuggling traffic in San Diego Sector is has been greatly reduced overall due to improved fencing, roads, cameras, increased patrol strength and other tactical infrastructure improvements.  Although not completely secure, San Diego Sector offers proof that criminal activity at the border can be prevented.




Arizona however has seen an immeasurable increase in all types of smuggling.  In the past year we have helped show images and video of this activity including trucks loaded with as many as 35 suspected illegal aliens driving through open desert in broad daylight, drug smugglers on foot with heavily armed escorts, ATV's loaded with large amounts of narcotics, hundreds of suspected illegal aliens simply walking into the country using the same trail day after day, and ultralight aircraft flying 200 – 300lb. loads of narcotics into remote areas at night. People in the south west have lived with the dangers associated with an unsecured border for decades.  Now some politicians and illegal alien advocates are claiming it is time for immigration reform because the border is finally under effective control.  On Saturday March 27th, one of those residents was murdered by an individual who crossed the border illegally and was able to flee back south without impediment after committing the murder.  This is not what I call effective control over that part of the border.  The area south of this location has no effective pedestrian barrier in place.  A Fence with patrol road is the first step to securing the border.


Please forward the following two websites to anyone you know, including media and special interest groups who are concerned about America's lack of border security.  The documentation presented shows that we have much work left to do before we can declare "Mission Accomplished" at the border.


Four years ago in April I rolled onto the border line at the PCT in Campo and was immediately put to work by the now defunct California Minutemen.

  Big Bob and Mad Max took me to “the Oaks”, which at the time had large gaps in the landing mat fence and heavy equipment parked there.  Armed only with my S&W Model 60, a flashlight and my grandpa’s old binoculars I spent two nights there.  I didn’t catch anyone, but I did catch ‘the fever”for going to the border and doing my part, however small, to help secure the border.

Lil Dog was at Patriot Point, Kingfish was at the high point west of Smith canyon and Bandit drove Godzilla up and down the line.  They all worked together at that time.



On 9APR10 Hot Shot and I geared up and headed back to the line.  At 0945 I arrived at Camp Vigilance and performed routine maintenance on Godzilla.  Then I donned my vest, rigged up my truck and headed to the border road entry point in Tierra Del Sol known as Red Shank.  There I visited with BP agents, notified them of my intent, received their blessings and headed west.

I stopped briefly to pay my respects at the cross erected where Agent Robert Rosas was executed last summer.

By 1145 I was passing Patriot Point

and by 1215 I was on the west side of Cap Rock. Where the Pemex Rd. in Mexico turns south,  south west of Cap Rock I spotted a lone Grupos Beta truck parked.  It has been my experience that where these guys are usually there is a group and subsequent intel revealed that area to be among the hottest illegal entry points in the area.

I drove down to where the fence ends close to the top of the tunnel where I could watch him, the end of the fence and the area on Cap Rock where the new fence is hidden by a hill to the north.  I detected no daytime activity but when Grupos Beta finally saw me they hauled ass.

I did the same and proceed west to Bell Valley.

As I was slowly rolling past the shooting range in Bell I heard three loud, frantic whistles.  As I rounded the the corner and got to the creek in Bell Valley I saw three young men looking startled.

They appeared to be looking past me and I can’t help but believe that they where whistling at one or more who had already crossed,  trying to alert them of my presence.

  I was about to roll north up the west side further into Bell to investigate when multiple BP agents converged.  I told them what I had seen and heard and left them to do their work.  I proceeded west on the border road.

I was planning on rolling all the way to Tecate but saw from a high point that BP was rolling east dragging the road so decided to park for a while at “horse rustlers”to observe the area below. 

I detected no activity.

Then I proceeded back to the east having agreed to meet Beast and FN9 at a predetermined location at 1500.

Beast and I did some foot patrolling to recon an area to layup for the night.  While on patrol we came upon a ghastly find: 

Piles of medical waste, clearly American in origin, dumped in a heavily trafficked area.

I notified BP lest an agent get stuck while pursuing illegals in the dark of night.

That night Beast, FN9, Hot Shot and I layed up in an area where recently many groups had come through.  While it was not near as cold as some nights I have spent on the border I got a chill.  I fear my age is catching up with me as I grow less and less tolerant of the cold.  Luckily FN9 felt an urgent call of nature and we all decided to head back to base camp.


Around midnite I persuaded Beast to go on foot patrol and we struck off to the west.  Our intent was to hike around to the backside where the new fence is hidden and see if we could catch anyone roping over.  On the way an Agent stopped us and told us to be careful, BP had just received a bulletin with intel that the cartels had up the bounty on agents and were looking to abduct any agent close to the fence.

We reached a high point to survey the area but no sooner that we got there several Agents rolled in, got out on foot and began combing the area we had planned to lay up in.  Obviously they were onto something so we stayed up out of the way and observed. After a while, and with such heavy BP presence, we decided to hike back to base.

Later that afternoon an agent would inform me that nine had been apprehended that night in the area where Beast and I were.

About 0315 Hot Shot and I headed back to Camp V for some shut eye. By 0400 I was spooning with my dog in the warm confines of Godzilla.

About 1000 I was back at base camp.  There I was greeted by 36, my old pal and original Minuteman.  I took  to the site of the medical waste dump lest he stumble upon it by accident.  We swapped stories, talked firearms and solved the world’s problems.  Then Golf 1 and Red Army arrived on the scene. After saying our goodbyes to FN9, Beast and 36.  I followed G1 and RA to a spot they had found that would be perfect for a night op in the future.

I’ll not divulge the exact location on this blog but other operators have been already made aware.  Indeed the other side knows of the spot all too well.

Then we went over to “Horse Rustlers” just in time to watch and entire Mexican family, infants included, probe the border area.

That night G1 and RA patrolled the border while 36 shot the shit at the grassy knoll.  RA came on the radio to inform us that BP had asked them to steer clear of all points west of Patriot Point, as an operation was under way and BORTAC was in the area.  They asked if the two seasoned border observer would mind watching the low spot immediately to the west of Patriot Point as that was the only spot BP hadn’t saturated.  Of course the two men agreed. And it was then that 36 and I parted company and Hot Shot and I headed back to Godzilla.  We turned in early that night getting to sleep before midnight.

My friends at U.S. Evolutions as well as my buddies on the job in Arizona have had much success with placing hidden cameras on known smuggling routes.  No doubt you have seen some of these videos and stills, indeed some are re-posted in older entries on this blog.

 I have one such camera, which I have employed with no success.  This lack of success is largely due to my inability to leave the unit for long periods of time and check it periodically.  I decided to contact some locals and found one willing to plant and maintain the camera.  Another local has been feeding me some interesting photos that they have retrieved from the area as well.  I have posted them below:

I have ordered another camera and hope to get more to leave with locals.  This presents one problem,  which pains me to bring up.

For over four years now I have been going on these missions using my own money and credit.  Unlike some charlatans in the “minuteman movement”  I do not send out mass e-mails begging for money.  (none of which ever makes it to the men and women doing work on the border) Nor do I intend to do so now.

I would like to ask you, if you are sympathetic to the cause of border security and are unable to personally get to the border to help, how can you assist?

The answer is easy.  Myself and my compadres are always in need of gas, batteries, night vision devices, thermal units and yes, game cameras.  If you feel like helping please contact me at and I will tell you where you could send such items.  Gas cards will be distributed to all civilian border operators, and game cameras will be given to trusted locals. 

While these donations are not tax deductible you would be doing your fellow Americans an invaluable service. Please help any way you can.

But of course the best way you could help us out is to meet up with us on a dusty border road and be a force multiplier for the United States Border Patrol.  It’ll get in your blood just like it did for me four years ago and you’ll “keep comin’ back”.

 Until then

Semper Vigilans,



I found a great website where you can print out awesome targets for free:

15APR10 I had had my own private TEA (Taxed Enough Already!) party!

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