MARCH 2010

Border Patrol Agent Daniel M. James – March 2, 2001- He died in Texas, on Texas Independence Day, after defending Texas from illegal aliens from Mexico.
Patrol Inspector Phillip D. Strobridge-March 7, 1933
Senior Border Patrol Agent Miquel J. Maldonado Jr-March 10, 1997
Patrol Inspector Anthony L. Oneto-March 11, 1947
Border Patrol Victor C. Ochoa-March 11, 1983
Senior Border Patrol Agent Nicholas D. Greenig-March 14 2006
Border Patrol Agent Ramon Nevarez Jr.-March 15, 2007
Border Patrol Agent David J. Tourscher-March 16, 2007
Patrol Inspector Earl A. Roberts-March 24, 1929
Patrol Inspector Frank Vidmar Jr.-March 24, 1932
Senior Patrol Inspector Harry E. Vincent-March 25, 1930
Border Patrol Agent Stephen M. Sullivan-March 27, 1999
Border Patrol Agent (Trainee) Luis A. Santiago-March 28, 1995
Border Patrol Agent Lee L. Bounds-March 29, 1974
Border Patrol Agent Jarod Dittman-March 30, 2008- This man died in our area of operations.


Monetary contributions can be sent here:

Cabrillo Credit Union

10075 Carroll Canyon Rd.

Suite 200

San Diego, California 92131

C/O Border Patrol Fallen Officer’s Scholarship Fund


Border Patrol Museum Agent Memorials

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