Border update 12-14FEB10

  New readers be advised:  For the security reasons parts of this update are deliberately vague.  Portions of subsequent AARs may also be purposely obscure, punctuated with seemingly nonsensical statements and phrases known only to those they were meant for.


Friday 12FEB10

 Hot Shot and I fled the rapidly disintegrating Democratic Peoples Republic of California for parts south and east.  Perhaps our trip to Texas in December left us with the wanderlust. We  soon met up with like-minded Patriots and reconned  areas known for heavy drug trafficking. 

We worked with these brave men and women all afternoon and into the night, leaving the area early Saturday morning.  While we were not directly responsible for any drug traffic interdiction I have little doubt but that we were a deterrent.

Throughout this trip I obtained many souvenirs, evidence of past incursions, some very recent, others in the not so distant past.

I look forward to working with these brave Patriots again in the future and thank them for allowing me into their area as well as into their confidence.


Saturday 13FEB10

  Hot Shot and I headed back west to our usual area of operations.  My plan was to stop at Camp Vigilance and nap in the back of that icon of the old “Minuteman” movement, “Godzilla” (aka "Gonzo"), the camouflaged ’76 suburban used in border ops since 2005 by the likes of Bandit, Mad Max and Lil Dog and restored to semi-running condition by Horsepuckies, Shorty and others.

But when I arrived at Camp V I was greeted with a puzzling sight: A group of men decked out in tactical garb and armed with M4s.  I was unaware of any ops planned there for that weekend and did not recognize even one of the men.  The camp caretaker informed me that a “Zombie” movie was being made and that the armed squad were, in fact, actors in the flick, tentatively titled “Op Con”.  Inside the Camp headquarters I found Carl Braun, leader of the Border Patrol Auxiliary and a make up crew applying blood to the “zombies.”

Having stayed up all night the night before and driven all morning I could have easily played a zombie role in the production.

I asked Carl if the crew was going to be filming at Camp and he said “No, the set was at Shangri La.”

Archived posts on this blog have more pictures of the God forsaken hellhole known as Shangri La.  Rumor has it was a hippy retreat in the 60’s and 70’s and was at one time a drug addiction treatment center……until the residents took over the “asylum”.  Now it is a thoroughly trashed shit hole on a well-worn drug trafficking route. 

The perfect set for a zombie movie!  I followed the crew there and took a few pics.  The closer you get to that place the weirder it gets.

I didn’t stay long and headed back to Camp V where I cleaned up the trash in my truck from the ops the night before and geared up for the evening’s ops.  Then I had an early supper and hit the sack.



I met Red Army, Golf 1 and Liberty 1 on the west side of Bell Valley where they had just startled 7 would-be intruders trying to come in below Scot’s, where the new fence ends.  We geared up, chatted with BP and the BLM ranger then took up positions on the hill beside and behind the “14 Horseshoe”. While Golf 1 and Liberty 1 watched the west side of the hill Red Army and I watched the east and south.  Hot Shot watched our 6.  A BP agent came by and told us he had been hunkered down in the  brush below Scot’s when a scout from the south walked by him presumably heading up to Scot’s but spooked and ran BTM.

Scope trucks roamed the area and about 2100 our crew got restless and headed east toward the Campo Area.  Hot Shot and I opted to stay behind. Boston, Springfield, Viking and FN9 had been rumored to be in the Forrest Gate area earlier but when the Red Army crew arrived out there they had left the area, leaving only an abundance of new Border Patrol agents,  a couple of which stopped Golf 1  and the crew and asked for IDs and  did weapons checks.

Meanwhile, at one point I had a scope truck both to my east and west leaving my watch atop the 14 Horseshoe with NVG rather useless and redundant.  At about midnight I fled to the west and met Red Army, Golf 1 and Liberty 1 on the bridge in Bell Valley.  With such high numbers of BP agents in the area we decided to call it a night and by 0130 we head left the area through Tecate.

The Red Army detail headed home and by 0200 I retired to the back of Godzilla.


Sunday 14FEB10

After touring the Campo area of the border west of Forrest Gate I drove further east and investigated the Yuha Desert again.

BP says illegal crossings are routine and frequent and they would welcome extra eyes and ears in the area.  They just want us to contact them prior to setting up in the area.

I concentrated on the west end up next to the mountains.  A scope placed at the far west end of the line would be able to cover quite a bit of the border.

To the south there are visible trails and a Mexican highway.

My clutch has been making noise for a while.  By the time I returned to the C1 compound it was screaming like a banshee and getting hard to press.  When the shop dismantled it, the throw out bearing was in two pieces.  I’m grateful I made it home.

I will be back.  Care to join me?

Semper Vi,


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