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While I was practicing a little "small caliber stress management" on Super Bowl Sunday morning (see post below this one) Red Army and Golf 1 were busy doing work in the California/Mexican border.  Below is Red Army's After Action Report.
New Readers please be advised that while working in our usual area, citizen operators go by CB-like radio handles.  Red Army is a war re-creator and history buff with a particular affinity for the cold war era.  While his AAR's read like reports from the old Soviet Union I assure you that Red Army is as Patriotic an American as they come. His reports are also peppered with inside jokes and code words pertinent only to participants of border watches in our local area.-C1
So without further delay or clarification I submit to you the latest

To: STAVKA- High Command of the Red Army
Re: Operations in the Campo sector of the Southwest Front
Despite the inclement weather which can only be the result of global warming, caused by the continued and sustained flatulence of failed state and federal government officials and their lapdogs in the entertainment industry, G1 and Red Army departed for the front. While many other loyal citizens took time to consume enough friend food and alcohol to put half of the People's Republic of China into intensive care for heart and liver failure, these two intrepid comrades, armed only with a desire to protect their Motherland from a continuous stream of human and narcotics smuggling, and an arsenal of dick jokes, set off to help hold the line for another day.
Atop Patriot Point a Red Comrades Field Court was held, wherein the following items were discussed and decided with the true zeal of the working class:
1.) Patriot Point is much nicer without a rusting trailer and port-a-potty that could only be described as a potential Hazardous Waste Super-Fund site, to spoil the place.
2.) While General Order 69, best expressed among the working class as the desire to eat sushi off of (name edited-C1) bare ass, shall henceforth be known as "The Glorious Order of Sushi Heroism 1st Class".

Commissar's Note: All BS aside, comrades G1 and Red Army just wish they would see her again on the line.
3.) Due to the absence of Infidels, the percentage was low. No prime numbers were involved.
Setting off on a westward bound patrol from the PCT, it was noted that several NKVD Border Guards had set up mobile flood lights and generators in at least two positions on the Grassy Knoll. Given the angle of the lamps, and the coverage they would generate, foot mobile traffic in the area would have a difficult time crossing undetected.
At the Couch Trail and actual recliner couch had been thrown over the fence from Mexico and into the United States. It was resting, in a heap, against the fence. And they say the cartels have no sense of humor! They said the same thing about Stalin.
Comrades, please note that the recent rains badly rutted many sections of the road. Conditions were cold, the temp was approximately 44F and a wind was blowing in the west at about 15-20mph. In the vicinity of the "14 Horseshoe" a line of fresh tracks were spotted.

These were followed to the nearest road crossing. Some of the tracks backtracked in the direction they had come from. These were followed to a bush layup that contained water and food containers.

 Quite a bit of debris including copper colored non-reflective plastic bottles were spotted. An NKVD Border Trooper arrived. He was apprised of the situation and asked for the comrades' opinion: Group came through during the night and heavy rain. Group laid up until conditions improved. Group broke up and moved out.  The Border Trooper confirmed this was the correct answer and that a group of 48 illegal aliens had moved into during the night, then broken up after the rain had stopped this morning. Some had been caught, others however, had made it through. Further patrol in the area revealed large plastic trash bags with holes cut for head and shoulders (poncho), wool blankets, a package of Sedalmerck (horse pills of pain reliever, caffeine, and pseudoephedrine),

and one backpack that contained: cherry pedialyte, alkaseltzer, "Status" brand cologne, a Jesus on cross magnet, a Denver Bronco's stocking cap, two razors, toobrush, "Vivaldi" brand deodorant, and a Mexican candy that had been given to "EL" from "Yesenia".

Just after 1200hrs, two foot mobiles, bundled up for the weather, one carrying a backpack were spotted heading from Tecate into the canyon n Mexico that runs parallel to the fence in Bell Valley. The comrades moved east to keep eyes on them. What followed was a game of cat and mouse, using optics, as these two unknown individuals loitered near a burned out one room structure near the oak creek in Bell Valley. Eventually, visual contact was lost as they two went to ground in a deep ravine about 60 meters from the fence in Mexico. A passing NKVD Border Trooper was apprised of the situation, and seemingly hopeful that he would be in the area to make the capture if a crossing was attempted.
The Comrades in the meantime managed to help reduce the carbon footprint in Bell Valley, and helped to clean up litter left in the area.
There was again the noted presence of individuals on bicycles carrying packs moving through the aforementioned canyon that runs parallel to Bell Valley and opens up at the eastern outskirts of Tecate.
The Comrades also noted the presence of three men in a Rhino type ORV operating near Tank Trap 1 at approximately 1600hrs.
Fellow citizens, in the light of the continued and deepening bankruptcy of the United States and the state of California in particular, can we citizen genuinely afford the continued flow of illegal immigration and narcotics being trafficked across our border? You CAN help. And you can get off of the couch to do it. Every day, from California to Texas, citizens just like you are taking legal action. They don't shop at places that hire illegal immigrants. They choose to read labels and buy American made products. And they come to the fence. If you are reading this blog, all it takes is one email to its owner, and you too can stop just complaining about this pressing national emergency, and start to help solve it.
The citizen is real hope. The citizen is real change.
Conclusion of Report.

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